Standards for conserving and improving the environment

Standards for conserving natural resources

  • Natural resources and environmentally sensitive sites and their community significance are identified, planned, documented and endorsed by relevant communities.
  • A fund exists to support community-based conservation programs and actions.
  • Programs exist to present the value of natural resources to local community well-being.
  • Local rules and regulations exist relevant to the protection and presentation of nature.

Standards for conservation activities to improve the environment

  • A fund is available to support community-based environmental improvement action.
  • A locally appropriate solid waste management system exists that applies avoid, reduce, reuse, recycle principles and hygienic handling of putrescible waste (e.g., composting).
  • Locally appropriate wastewater management uses technologies that minimize risk to human health and environmental impact.
  • Practices ensure that all rules, regulations, and laws relevant to environmental protection are followed.
  • Solid waste generation is actively discouraged (e.g., through encouraging refilling of water bottles with treated water).
  • Environmental information and education programs are available for hosts, guests and the community.
  • Low carbon energy sources are used within the CBT area.


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