In many parts of the world, community tourism networks or knowledge hubs play a key role in supporting CBT, sustainable tourism, and rural and eco-tourism. With regards to collating and disseminating knowledge about best practice tourism management and linking different groups that might benefit from sharing experiences and lessons learned. CBT knowledge hubs and organizations can assist by providing information, facilitating learning and connecting communities with private operators and government agencies. This work has built the knowledge, skills, and self-confidence of community members across the country, celebrated traditional cultures, supported local rights, contributed towards more sustainable natural resource management, and led to the development of Thailand’s largest network of CBT communities.

In order for a community-based tourism operator to maximize the potential success of their CBT operation it is good practice to build networks of collaboration and support. It is beneficial for Thermal tourism to actively seek collaboration with other businesses in their industry, as well as collaboration with a wide range of local businesses. In order to make visitors stay enjoyable and beneficial to the local economy there should ideally be collaboration across a number of industry sectors such as accommodation, restaurants, local handicrafts and tourist operators.


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