Collaboration between communities and tourism authorities

Government tourism authorities and industry peak bodies exist in most countries and/or regions. These groups can be a helpful source of information for CBT managers and can provide support for community managers in branding and positioning the CBT operation within the wider tourism marketplace.

Identify the tourism authorities and industry bodies in your area
These groups may have been identified through a stakeholder mapping process. If not, making use of contacts with a role in the tourism industry will help to identify relevant authorities and understand their role and potential to support CBT.

Contact tourism authorities early
Informing them about the intent to develop CBT and seeking their input and advice on how the CBT initiative fits within the wider regional tourism marketplace and strategy. The tourism authority should be able to provide information about other nearby tourist ventures, and potential partners including commercial operators, tips and tricks related to developing the tourism product and advice related to marketing.

Seek the support of tourism authorities and industry bodies for marketing
In many cases, tourism authorities and industry bodies will be able to directly assist with marketing, by including the CBT initiative within tourist information brochures and other promotional material.

Depending on the context, tourism authorities may also play a role in monitoring and regulating tourism ventures. If this is the case, CBT managers need to become familiar with relevant policies and procedures and work with the tourism authority to comply with the necessary standards.


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