18 community cultural tourism attractions in Ha Giang, Viet Nam go live on APEC’s website

(TITC) – Ha Giang Province (Northern Region) is honored to have 18 community cultural tourism villages out of 134 tourist attractions of 21 APEC economies, selected by the APEC Secretariat to promote and introduce tourism on the APEC website. This is the first website in the APEC region aimed at promoting community-based tourism.

In the list of promoting community tourism villages of 21 APEC economies, Ha Giang has 18 cultural and tourism attractors selected for promotion, including Nam Dam, Lo Lo Chai, Du Gia, Thien Huong, Lung Cam, Ma Le, Pa Vi Ha, Thon Chi, Nam Hong, Lung Tam weaving village, Na Thac village, Ha Thanh village, Khuoi My village, Lung Vai village, Van Chai commune, Xa Phin commune, Ban Luoc, Hoang Su Phi district. The community-based cultural tourism attractors of Ha Giang Province account for the largest number of Vietnam’s tourist attractions introduced on the APEC website.

Today, tourism is an economic sector in which micro, small, and medium-sized tourism enterprises account for the majority, especially in rural areas. While many rural areas have rich natural resources and cultural identity to develop tourism, tourism businesses here have difficulties in approaching partners and attracting visitors to visit and promoting and introducing their products to partners and visitors. Therefore, Vietnam has raised an idea and been approved by the APEC Secretariat to implement the project “Increasing the prospect of connecting tourism businesses through the application of information technology to build and promote a network of micro, small and medium enterprises in community tourism in APEC rural areas”. The product of the project is the satellite website of the APEC website https://communitytourism.apec.org/ to introduce information and connect tourism communities in rural areas, thereby forming a network of tourism community tourism in the APEC region.

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Tourism Information Technology Center


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