All stakeholders in the CBT venture need to be informed, from the outset, about the local and national government regulations as well as the international regulatory framework with which the venture is expected to comply. The longevity of the CBT operation can be ensured if the management team makes it a priority to stay abreast of changing regulatory requirements.

Match requirements with structures and systems
Once the community is aware of compliance requirements, the CBT venture can develop its quality controls and standards accordingly. The CBT venture must operate in accordance with local legislative or regulatory requirements. If government regulations or laws are broken, this jeopardizes the entire CBT operation and could lead to a forced closure.

Establish links to other tourism stakeholders
By establishing these links the CBT operation can find out about any relevant legal and institutional arrangements (compliance with local/national laws as well as international conventions laws). Best practice would involve the management team establishing contact with local authorities and/or the regional tourist bureaus to understand the legal requirements and limits within which they are operating. Once these networks or communication channels are established with local or national authorities, the CBT management team will be better placed to be able to track and respond quickly to changes in government policy or international regulatory frameworks that may impact the operation of the venture.

Maintaining relationships
The management team should regularly consult with local authorities so they are informed of changes regional and national legislature and policy.


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