Identify key areas for quality control
The leadership team should initiate and establish standards of service and quality control for aspects of the CBT operation that delivers services to visitors, are consistent with what has been marketed and have available staff with skills and experience to run/maintain them. Key areas for attention are likely to include:
• construction, maintenance and upkeep of infrastructure (e.g. facilities or amenities)
• accommodation—should be hygienic, and comfortable
• all identified tourist sites, tours, attractions and activities
• catering, including all aspects of ordering, storage, preparation, presentation and
disposal of food and taking into account visitor preferences
• transport—should be as reliable, safe and efficient as possible.

How to ensure quality
The quality standards that a CBT venture develops will largely depend on the resources available to deliver a service that meets the preferred standard. A key to good management is allocating an adequate number of staff to be able to provide quality services. The right infrastructure and equipment need to be in place to enable service delivery.
These basic decisions and the quality controls associated with them need to be worked out by the management team in detail, with regular input from staff and community stakeholders. Best practice would ensure quality control standards are built into contracts with suppliers especially if they are external to the CBT venture.



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