Maintaining standards and quality control the CBT operation

Quality and control standards impact the total visitor experience. They can ensure that visitors have positive interactions with the local community and receive a consistent and attractive offering. Quality controls maintain a CBT venture’s reputation in the marketplace, attract and keep visitors returning, as well as manage visitor expectations.

Every part of the tourist experience needs to be regularly reviewed against quality, safety and hygiene controls, including accommodation and facilities, catering, activities and equipment. The standard of quality will vary across CBT projects. What is important is that the standards are agreed upon through a consultation process and that all participants strive to exceed those standards.

One of the most valuable informal ways in which a CBT venture is promoted is through word of mouth from previous visitors, which means that quality standards must be consistently maintained and improved. Without formal quality control standards, a CBT project cannot assess its performance against its stated service goals or against its competitors. Quality controls facilitate a cycle of continuous improvement.


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