Standards for effective and transparent governance

  • The CBT initiative is managed by community members through a Committee elected for a maximum 5-year term.
  • The CBT initiative has a clear management structure with agreed roles and responsibilities.
  • Relevant national and provincial rules and regulations (including local bylaws) are followed by those directly involved in CBT activities/operations.
  • CBT Member recruitment meets any relevant national or local laws and regulations
  • CBT Member recruitment to provide specific tourism products and services (e.g. guiding, accommodation, food and beverage services) is conducted fairly by the CBT Committee based on gender equity and social inclusion principles.
  • CBT Members are recruited based on their appropriate levels of knowledge and commitment to the CBT initiative and the specific role.
  • CBT Member appointments (and revocation of appointments) are approved by the CBT Committee.

Standards for recognition of legitimate establishment

  • The CBT initiative is recognised by provincial and/or national level authorities.
  • The CBT initiative is recognised by, and has the support of, any customary or legally recognised community-level governing body (e.g., community council).


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