Standards for CBT Friendly Tour Operators (FTO) commitment to CBT ideals

Standards for FTO commitment to CBT ideals

  • FTOs are certified under any relevant standard produced for the purposes of improving tour operations (e.g., ASEAN Ecotourism Standard).
  • FTOs meet all necessary license and permit requirements.
  • Clearly defined and documented agreements exist between FTOs and the CBT Committee, requiring FTOs and staff to operate within the guidelines and regulations of the CBT initiative.
  • FTOs and staff have signed and followed the ASEAN CBT Friendly Tour Operator’s Code of Conduct.
  • Where available, FTOs are members of an appropriate professional organization.
  • FTOs and staff possess or can demonstrate commitment to developing, sound knowledge of sustainable tourism and how to deliver quality tour services relating to experiencing local environments, cultures and livelihoods.
  • FTOs and staff provide safe opportunities for visitors to experience community life and for knowledge exchange between hosts and guests.
  • FTOs provide employees dealing with communities regular training on CBT and ecotourism (e.g. one day a year/paid).
  • FTOs cooperate with natural and cultural heritage conservation organizations, authorities and local NGOs as required.


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