Introduction to Y Ty commune 

Y Ty is a highland commune located in Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province. Y Ty commune is located at an altitude of more than 2000 meters above sea level, is a highland with complex topography, strongly divided by hills and mountains. Thanks to that, the climate in the commune is cool all year round, gradually becoming colder and harsher when winter comes, sometimes the temperature drops below 0 degrees Celsius. Although located in a remote land, people's lives are still difficult, but the beautiful scenery in Y Ty is a reason for tourists to overcome all difficulties to come here. Y Ty - Lao Cai possesses the beauty favored by "mother nature", bringing a little mystery, wild but equally poetic attraction.

Visitors can visit Y Ty at any time of the year. However, in order to have a smooth exploration of this highland land, you should pay attention to some of the time periods below.

- The period from September to April next year is favored by young people as the name of the cloud hunting season. At this time the weather in Y Ty is quite cold and clouds appear a lot,  so it is easier for visitors to get some gorgeous pictures with floating clouds here. 

- In addition, visitors can also come to Y Ty from March to April to see colorful azaleas blooming.

- The time from May to June will be the season of pouring water, so tourists can see the picturesque fields in this highland.

- If you want to explore the beautiful scenery and national identity, you should choose the time to visit Y Ty from July to September.


Transport to Y Ty commune

To be able to get here, visitors can choose from many ways to travel with different types of vehicles.

From Hanoi to Lao Cai, you can go by train or by bus. The time from Hanoi to Lao Cai is about 8 hours by train and about 5 hours by car.
From Lao Cai to Y Ty, although it is only about 80km from Lao Cai (following Bat Xat - A Lu road), the time to enter Y Ty is quite long, about 5-6 hours excluding the time to stop along the way to admire the scenery and take pictures. The most popular means of getting into Y Ty is renting a motorbike in Lao Cai or renting a motorbike in Sa Pa.
From Sapa, you follow the direction of O Quy Ho pass to the junction with the signposts of Lai Chau and Ban Xeo, then turn right and go in the direction of Ban Xeo (DT155 Road on Google Maps) about 20km. Coming here, there is a fork to go to Muong Hum market, remember to turn left to go to the market. Through Muong Hum market, you just go straight on DT158 road for more than 30km and you will come to Y Ty.


What’s good to eat in Y Ty commune

Like many other lands, when visiting Y Ty, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy many unique specialties that cannot be found everywhere.

- During the rainy season around April - May, shiitake mushrooms will appear in the forest, and local people will pick mushrooms to sell in restaurants or dry them for tourists to easily bring back as gifts when traveling to Y Ty. With a delicious mushroom flavor, unique characteristics will surely make you unforgettable the first time you enjoy it.

- Referring to the delicious dishes at Y Ty, Ha Nhi beer is a specialty drink not to be missed, different from the taste of all other beers. This beer is produced by the Ha Nhi people according to the traditional recipe with a combination of fresh forest fruits. After a period of incubation, you can drink it directly and do not need to worry about headaches.

- In Y Ty, the traditional Thang Co dish made from the human flesh of the Mong people is very popular. With the combination of meat and offal and the right spices, this dish is also highly appreciated by many visitors.

- Brassica oleracea is a fairly common vegetable in the Northwest with its dark green color, which is easy to eat. This vegetable is usually prepared by stir-frying, boiling, or eating with hot pot dishes. These dishes are both delicious, nutritious, and healthy.

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    Information about accommodation in Y Ty commune

    Despite not yet developing strongly in tourism, the Y Ty commune has gradually become a favorite destination for many tourists. In Y Ty commune, people have invested in homestays so that tourists can stay when they come here to enjoy and admire the scenery.

    In this commune, people mainly grow terraced fields and cardamom fields to improve their lives. Coming here, you can roam around the green rice fields, and walk under the canopy of the old forest to smell the fragrant cardamom. Spending time enjoying nature is the best thing for visitors when exploring Y Ty. 

    During their stay at Y Ty commune, in addition to sightseeing and eating delicious food, visitors can also spend time learning about the lifestyle of local people. 


    Entertainment in Y Ty commune

    When coming to Y Ty, you should not miss the local market which was held every Saturday. Not only brings a variety of vegetables, consumer goods, and clothes, ... but the market also helps you "open your eyes" with beautiful ethnic costumes, discover the beauty of culture, and visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy some famous specialties here. Another activity not to be missed when coming to Y Ty is to participate in the Muong Hum market, which is a gathering place for many ethnic people such as H'Mong, Ha Nhi, Han, and Red Dao,...

    When traveling to Y Ty on the occasion of July - September, you can encounter different festivals. In particular, the “ Kho Gia Gia” Festival is known as a long-standing cultural feature of the Ha Nhi people, with the purpose of praying for the harvest and rain. Thanks to its unique characteristics, this festival was recognized as a National Intangible Cultural Heritage on 19th December  2014 and belongs to the type of traditional festival. The festival not only has the meaning of praying for crops, praying for favorable weather, but also an opportunity to show respect to ancestors. With its own characteristics, the festival has now attracted many visitors every year.

    It will be remiss if tourists ignore Lao Than - the mountain peak is known as the "roof of Y Ty". This is a beautiful cloud-hunting paradise of Y Ty, possessing a sea of beautiful white clouds floating every winter. The climbing journey also opens up many memorable experiences for visitors as you take turns going through beautiful roads, forests, streams, and waterfalls.

    Thien Sinh Bridge is another good place for tourists to visit. It is located at the end of Lao Chai village, which in the national language means "heaven-born" bridge. Previously, there was a rock crossing the deep ravine of the Lung Po stream. Over time, that stone was worn away, so people used a wooden stick to build a bridge, later built into concrete. Looking down from the bridge, you can admire the majestic beauty of the Lung Po stream, which is also upstream of Bat Xat waterfall.

    The terraced fields here have a unique beauty, a golden color that cannot be found anywhere else. According to local people, the fields here are transplanted with local rice varieties, so they have a natural golden luster, which can be said to be the most golden in Lao Cai. The terraced fields here are located right on the road to Y Ty, so it is quite convenient for taking pictures.