Introduction to Xa Phin hamlet 

The cool, fresh air typical of the high mountains, and the charming mountain scenery bestowed by nature bring a lot of tourism potential to Xa Phin highland village, Phuong Tien commune, Vi Xuyen district, Ha Giang province. This place promises to be an attractive destination for tourists inside and outside the province. 

Xa Phin is a highland village of Phuong Tien commune, located halfway up the Tay Con Linh high mountain range. This is a mountain range located in the west of Ha Giang, stretching over two districts of Hoang Su Phi and Vi Xuyen. With an altitude of 2,427 m, Tay Con Linh is one of the highest mountains in Vietnam, the roof of the Northeast mountains. 

This place has a cool climate all year round, fog combines with high humidity, creating leaf roofs with layers of green moss covering layers, layers like the Dao people have lived and attached to this land for many generations. , generations. Passing through the welcome gate of the village, a small village of Dao people appears very idyllic and poetic.

The beautiful little houses on stilts are interspersed between the terraced fields, appearing and disappearing in the misty mist. Xa Phin village has 53 households of the Dao ethnic group living and the people still preserve many unique traditional cultural features.


Transport to Xa Phin Hamlet 

Xa Phin is a highland village of Phuong Tien commune, with steep slopes. Phuong Tien commune is located more than 12km from Ha Giang city, from the center of the commune up to the highland village of Xa Phin, it takes about 10km of the mountain road. Located at an altitude of 2,427 m above sea level, Tay Con Linh peak is known as the roof of the Northeast region. Xa Phin is located on the way to conquer Tay Con Linh peak, so this place is very suitable for eco-tourism, discovery, and experience.


What’s good to eat in Xa Phin Hamlet 

In particular, it is impossible not to mention the ancient Shan Tuyet tea trees that are cherished and cared for by the people here. This place is favored by nature, good soil conditions, cool climate, so it is very convenient to grow tea trees, maybe because of that, the tea here is better than in other places. Shan Tuyet tea is a rare tea variety that can only be grown in the highlands. The tea tree is several meters tall, with trees hundreds of years old. Shan Tuyet tea has a mild aroma, yellow water matches with honey color, is very good for health, is considered a specialty of Ha Giang province.

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    Entertainment in Xa Phin Hamlet 

    Following a small winding road like thin threads adorned in the midst of vast forests and mountains, Xa Phin village is hidden in the layer of clouds covered all year round. The most obvious feature is the roofs of palm leaves that are "covered" with a layer of green moss.

    According to the head of Xa Phin village, the reason the palm roofs here are covered with moss is because of the high mountain terrain, humidity and coolness all year round, with 20 or more rainy days each month, creating favorable conditions for the moss to grow. Most people still keep the old way of life, with over 40 leaf roofs covered with moss all year round. These mosses are like "insulation" panels, keeping the house cool in the summer and warmer in the winter.

    The majestic natural scenery, the terraced fields dyed yellow when the rice season is ripe, then turns back like mirrors reflecting the earth and sky when the water pours or the hundred-year-old ancient Shan Tuyet tea trees and the most characteristic are the mossy green patches on the roof of palm leaves, all have made visitors immersed in the highland scenery.

    Not only seeing the majestic scenery, coming to Xa Phin, visitors can also experience tea picking, participate in the production stages of the famous Shan Tuyet tea, and be immersed in the stream water. In the evening, sitting around the fire, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy local specialties, listen to love songs, and drink a few cups of rice wine from the Dao people.