Introduction to Sa Dec Flower Village 

In the earlier days, Sa Dec was a rich and strategic region because it is central to Tam Phong Long land and is located between the Tien and Hau rivers. The name "Sa Dec" is the Vietnamese pronunciation of the word "Phsar-Dek" which is the name of the God of water worshiped by the Khmer people and it also means Sat Market. The history of formation and development of this land is an interference and joint effort of the community of 3 ethnic groups of Kinh - Hoa - Khmer.

Today, Sa Dec City is a municipality directly under Dong Thap province, covering an area of 59 km and a population of 152,000 people. It is about 148 km from Ho Chi Minh City and 60km from Can Tho City. Sa Dec has many famous tourist destinations such as Huynh Thuy Le ancient house, Kien An Cung Pagoda, Ba Thien Hau Temple, Vinh Phuoc Temple,... especially Sa Dec flower village - considered the flower capital of the Mekong River Delta.

Sa Dec flower village with a tradition of more than 100 years is about 3km from the center of Sa Dec city. It has an area of 500 households and more than 1500 types of rich and diverse flora from ornamental leaves and ornamental flowers to bonsai art with ornamental plants hundreds of years old.

This is the place to supply flowers and ornamental plants to neighboring areas. Here, the lotus will be the most colorful on the days of Tet, but Sa Dec is always a land of "four seasons in blooming beauty".


Transport to Sa Dec Flower Village 

Dong Thap is 147 km from Saigon and 1,862 km from Hanoi. Dong Thap can be reached by road or airway, visitors from the North and the Central, depending on travel budget and time can go by plane or take the train, or bus to Ho Chi Minh City and then continue traveling to Dong Thap. If the distance is relatively short, you can completely travel by motorbike or car to Dong Thap.


What’s good to eat in Sa Dec Flower Village 

Coming to Sa Dec Flower Village, tourists can get lost in the culinary paradise with unimaginable flavors. If you want to enjoy the bustling riverside street atmosphere when the city lights up, the rows of shops along the embankment of Sa Dec River will be the ideal culinary choice for you.

Sa Dec City is not only famous for its stunning flower village but also for the tradition of making rice noodles for more than 100 years. Also, the rice noodles are made by local people by using the traditional way. Sa Dec Grilled duck is famous for using a unique way to cook. This makes visitors impressed with the tender, chewy, crispy skin and soft duck meat inside. After being grilled, the duck has a yellow-brown color looking so delicious. Local people use farm ducks to make grilled ducks because their meat is firm, tender, and little chewy meat compared to other kinds of ducks. Dong Thap is not only famous for being the land of pink lotus, but this is also the birthplace of Lai Vung’s famous spring rolls with unique flavors, full of sweet and sour flavors, once you eat one, you also want to try the second one.

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    Top tips for you to stay in Sa Dec 

    When it comes to the sunny season, wear a jacket, hat, sun cream, rain clothing, and specialized shoes. Bring mosquito repellent lotion and insect repellents. In case of emergency, bring basic medicines with you. If you want to travel or go camping, bring tents, sleeping bags and cold clothes. Careful preparation as the above-shared experience will be very helpful for your backpack trip. 


    Huynh Thuy Le Ancient House- National Cultural and historical relic is located at 225A Nguyen Hue Street, Ward 2, Sa Dec City and built by Mr. Huynh Cam Thuan (Mr. HuynhThuy Le's father) in 1895 and upgraded in 1917. This house with a combination of East and West architecture is the residence of Mr. Huynh Thuy Le's family - the first lover of the French female writer, Marguerite Duras. This love later became a memoir for her to write L'Amnt's novel Lover (translated into more than 40 languages) and the film with the same name. 

    Kien An Cung Pagoda (Ong Quach Pagoda) is located in Ward 2 Sa Dec City. This is a national cultural and historical relic with unique, splendid, and dignified architecture. Kien An Cung started construction in 1942, inaugurated in 1927. This place has been attracting many tourists to visit whenever coming to Sa Dec peaceful land. 

    Vinh Phuoc temple (Rice temple) is located on Tran Hung Dao street ward Sa Dec City, in a campus of over 300 m2, adjacent to three roads in the inner city. It retains the intact uniqueness of the ancient architecture nearly 200 years old and also preserves up to 6 offices and titles of the Nguyen Dynasty.  Vinh Phuoc temple is designed as an ancient temple in Nam Bo with a yin and yang tiled roof, and superstructure, with many embellishments on the roof which brings friendliness and prosperity according to old traditions.

    Phuoc Hung Pagoda (Huong Pagoda) is located on Hung Vuong Street with two large widths, many trees, and beautiful ornamental flowers. and contemplative pagoda rings the bell every day. Through many times of restorations and renovations, the pagoda still retains the same architectural features as in the beginning. It is possible an architectural work with a harmonious combination of Vietnamese-Chinese culture, makes the pagoda even more ancient and solemn. The pagoda has 8 roofs, 2 levels, a yin and yang tiled roof, and a salient roof corner. and the rooftop with a picture of two dragons competing for the pear.