Introduction to Padas Farmstay, Tenom

Kemabong is a district about 200km south of Kota Kinabalu. Paralleled by Crocker Range and Trusmadi Range, the Padas river runs through bringing sentiment from the riverbed, causing the fertility of the soil so much more suitable for agriculture. Filled with plantations, rich in fruit trees and coffee growing, Kemabong eventually becomes a destination of agro-tourism as well cultural-attracted destination.

Most of the population here are farmers and planters, the descendants of the Murut whose culture is one of the best in the nation. Few of the villages were recorded as rich in British North Borneo history. In the old day houses were built with bamboo and in modern days, concrete took over.

Since Kemabong is rich in agriculture, most people still work on farms and produce farm products, younger generation prefers to live in the city, therefore, farmers are mainly elderly people. However, in view of tourism promotion, young ages are now eventually coming back to their villages.


Transport to Padas Farmstay, Tenom

To reach Kemabong, you can drive from Kota Kinabalu which takes about 4 hours to reach. The train ride from Beaufort to Tenom, then travel by vehicle to Kemabong.

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    Entertainment in Padas Farmstay, Tenom

    There are about 20 villages in Kemabong whereby you can explore and see their attraction. With the rich history of RUNDUM REBELLION, to the agricultural park, fruit orchards, and cultural center, there are so many things to discover here.

    Most of the villages provide homestay facilities. Visitors are advised to book in advance before going into the villages as most of the time villagers are on the farms. Visiting the villages can be done whole year round. There are two fruiting seasons in a year and one cultural festival in a year.

    Three significant villages provide the best of Tropical fruits, the best Murut cultures and traditional cuisine, the rich history of British North Borneo, and adventures.

    • KG PAAL, a village in Kemabong 20km from Tenom town, is rich in tropical fruits some to the extent of export overseas. Tourists coming to stay can eat tropical fruits in the villages and see downstream fruits processing.
    • KG MARAIS about 35km from Tenom town lives the majority of the Murut tribe, the head-hunters in the old days. They are so rich in their cultural dances and handicrafts. Visitors staying in Marais can be on the homestay, they can learn to dance, make handicrafts, and do some outdoor activities.
    • KG RUNDUM, 60 km from Tenom is rich in British North Borneo history. The British North Borneo's first interior district office from 1901 to 1905 was in Rundum. There is a homestay in Rundum, the visitors can trek to the waterfall, and trails, or even to the Rundum Station.

    With the best tropical fruit farms in KG PAAL, the best cultural and traditional foods center in KG MARAIS, and finally the rich history of the Rundum rebellion whereby visitors can feel walking through the British Route of the old days.

    With the 3 villages that represent the best of Kemabong, we will certainly do our best to achieve more in this community-based tourism development.