Introduction to Vang Pheo Village

Vang Pheo Village is one of the oldest villages of the white Thai people in Lai Chau. Bringing in its unique cultural features, along with beautiful natural scenery, Vang Pheo village has many positive aspects that contribute to the development of community tourism.

Vang Pheo village has more than 90 households with more than 400 people and is 100% white Thai people. The village has a beautiful geographical position, leaning against Phu Nhon Mountain, which is the intersection between the two streams of Nam So and Nam Lum, which is like a precious gem.

Located about 30 km from the centre of Lai Chau town, Vang Pheo village (Phong Tho district, Lai Chau) is also known as "beauty valley”.

Cultural Information 

The culture of the white Thai people in Vang Pheo has been well-preserved and is evident in everything from the traditional stilt houses to the elaborately designed white Thai women's dresses. In Vang Pheo Village you will observe the female clothing to be jet-black seamless, ankle length skirts with shirts dotted to the waist.

Vang Pheo village is also home to many festivals, preserving many features of community cultural activities. Each festival has its own identity: Nang Han (full moon of the 2nd lunar month), Then Kin Pang (the 10th day of the 3rd lunar month), Kin Lau Khau Mau (the full moon of the 9th lunar month), and the Vang Pheo Village Festival.

There are many unique folk games such as: throwing balls, pushing sticks, and tu ti. On weekends or festivals, tourists flock here in large numbers to discover a peaceful Northwest space and simple life of ethnic minorities, to be immersed in the dances and songs of the people but "fall in love", with the colors of the highlands.



Transport to Vang Pheo Village 

From Lai Chau town, follow Highway 12 about 30 km to the north; you will come to Vang Pheo village.



What’s good to eat in Vang Pheo Village? 

The traditional cuisine of the Thai people in Vang Pheo is also quite rich yet attractive. Coming to Vang Pheo, visitors can enjoy many dishes with bold cultural characteristics of the Thai people such as: khau tom (Tet banh chung), khau cam (xui mau), khau hang (rice nuggets) and khau lam ( Lam rice). Guests can particularly enjoy the sticky rice dish, which Thai people eat every day and is also made into many other dishes such as "khau bai pa" (rice ball with fish), "khau shai na nga" (rice ball with sesame). , "khau bai sai" (rice balls with eggs) or different dishes "khau chi" (grilled sticky rice).

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    With a beautiful geographical position, Vang Pheo village is hidden at the foot of Phu Nho Kho mountain. So around the village is a majestic mountain scenery, a green color of mountains and forests. Coming to the village, you will feel like you are immersed in nature, relaxing by the cool spring water, listening to the birdsong and the rustling of the forest trees.

    Vang Pheo village is home to many ancient stilt houses, a special feature that makes up the culture. The white Thai people in Vang Pheo are very hospitable.