Introduction to Van Chai Commune 

Van Chai commune is a commune of Dong Van district in Ha Giang Province, located in the Northeast region of our country. The journey from the center to Van Chai commune in Ha Giang has been a beautiful and memorable journey for those who love to go. On that journey, you will pass through peaceful small roads in the middle of a poetic and majestic rock plateau. The winding roads, running from the valley to the hillside, when going up and down bring countless poetic emotions to visitors.

Today, Van Chai Ha Giang commune attracts more and more tourists to what nature bestows on this place. The characteristics of Ha Giang such as buckwheat flower fields, rapeseed flower fields, traditional houses, etc. are all available in Van Chai. n Chai commune has not been planned for strong tourism development like other communes in Ha Giang. However, with the impressive natural scenery here, visitors should visit Van Chai once if they have the opportunity. The commune is not too far from the center and convenient for you to explore and travel by motorbike.

Cultural information

From village design, the houses, farming styles, or the customs and habits of the Mong people in Van Chai village, they are characterized by the traditional culture of the Mong people in the highlands.  

The old houses in Van Chai are roofed with yin and yang tiles. Over time, layers of green moss have gradually covered the tiled roofs of houses giving them a distinct look. The homes in the village have been there for up to 100 years, showing the strong construction techniques that were made to last.

When visitors come to Van Chai cultural and tourist village they will be able to see the wall folds, in addition to these old houses that are preserved intact. The local people of Van Chaistill preserve many cultural aspects of their heritage, expressed in customs and traditions or in traditional festivals.

Van Chai cultural and tourism village is also attractive because of its rustic, simple, and friendly features. From the chimes and drums kept by the indigenous people and passed on verbally from generation to generation or through folk melodies.


Transport to Van Chai Commune 

Van Chai is a commune in Dong Van district and is about 20 km south of the district center. The commune is divided into 13 villages and covers an area of 24.92 km, possessing a lot of tourism potential


What’s good to eat in Van Chai Commune 

The dishes which can be enjoyed at Van Chai cultural tourism village include dishes made from dried beef, chicken, black pig, and mountain vegetables. There are local drinks of highland wine such as rice wine or corn wine. Visitors will have lots of choices of food and drink to enjoy with their friends and family.

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    Entertainment in Van Chai Commune 

    If you are not too busy or in a hurry during the trip, when coming to the Van Chai commune, you should choose to stop at the high mountainside to be able to capture the full view of the scenery of the Dong Van district. It is a place where you just need to stand in to have countless beautiful check-in photos to bring home, proudly showing off to your relatives and friends about your journey to discover Ha Giang.

    To get a series of quality virtual live photos, perhaps tourists should travel to Dong Van in the warm and sunny spring, all the roads in Van Chai commune are full of sunshine, adorning the picture more romantic.