Introduction to Uoc Le Ancient Village

Uoc Le village is located in Tan Uoc commune, Thanh Oai district, far from the center of Hanoi more than 30 kilometers to the southwest. The gate of Uoc Le Village contains the quintessence of the Vietnamese soul. It was built in the Mac Dynasty and is one of the most beautiful village entrances remaining today. 

Along paths in the village are many ancient architectural works. The gate, houses and market with the ancient architecture still remain as the most obvious proof of the glorious history of this land. The shade of ancient trees covers the small shrine before the village entrance, creating familiar and idyllic features. On the village gate is the wood board with the script “My Tuc Kha Phong” (good traditions) which was 4 letters from King Tu Duc. Historically, in the middle of the village, there is a stockpile of grain self-sufficiency, called the fund “Nghia Thuong”. The village sent people to look after, to help poor people in villages and straitened people. King Tu Duc went through to know pretty customs and awarded these 4 letters. It means good customs are awarded. 

About 50m strait from the village gate is the traditional ancient market which lies in the shade of big trees. According to old villagers, since the main gate of the village was built, the market began. It is held within only two hours in the early morning. Therefore, traders must bring food to the market early to sell to local people, and locals also have to get up early to go to the market to buy food in preparation for their meals.


Transport to Uoc Le Ancient Village

From Hanoi, follow Nguyen Trai Street in the direction of Ha Dong, follow Quang Trung Street to Ba La junction, and turn left along Highway 21B towards Van Dinh. Next, continue straight for about 16 km to the intersection of Vac, Dan Hoa commune, then turn left and move about 5 km through Tri Ri village and finally turn right to reach Uoc Le village.


What’s good to eat in Uoc Le Ancient Village

This ancient village is well-known for cultural values, traditional architecture and its traditional product (Gio Cha – pork rolls). As rice is a staple of Vietnamese daily meals, then ‘gio cha’ is considered the staple of special occasions, such as Tet (Lunar New Year), wedding parties and ancestors’ death commemoration. A complete product requires meticulousness and the steady hands of artisans with many complicated stages. Roasted cinnamon and fried crab pork are the most famous products in the village. Nowadays, products of Uoc Le village come to every corner of the country. It is also a favorite in many countries in the world. The name of Uoc Le with the pork rolls and sausages profession is the pride of people in the village.

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    Information about accommodation in Uoc Le Ancient Village

    In contrast to the bustle and modern buildings of the capital city, Uoc Le ancient village still retains the ancient and rustic features of a typical northern countryside with banyan trees, communal wells and courtyards. 


    Best Things to do in Uoc Le Ancient Village

    Uoc Le is one of the few villages not being a "tourism product". All the buildings there still bear ancient Vietnamese souls. Contrary to the modern, bustling and scorching sun of the capital, in Uoc Le village you still find a rustic scene of peace and quietness under the sun of autumn afternoons.