Introduction to U Village 

About 130 km from Hanoi, U village is the most remote village in the Thu Cuc area, a commune in Tan Son highland district, Phu Tho province. Although not as famous as many other attractions in Phu Tho, anyone who has ever set foot in U Tan Son village has been conquered by the peaceful beauty, wild scenery, and friendly and lovely people. The scenery of U village is like a clear picture, still retaining the rows of ancient trees, the road to the village is pristine with a cool green lake. Just like that,  U village enters the traveler's mind as gently and peacefully as it's inherent: from the customs and lifestyle of the Muong ethnic people to the specialties of Tan Son. U village is located in the mountainous district of Tan Son - Phu Tho. Therefore, this place also possesses the typical cultural and traditional beauty of the Muong ethnic people. Besides, the cuisine of this place is also extremely special.


Transport to U Village 

About 130km from Hanoi's capital, U Phu Tho village is one of the most remote villages of Thu Cuc commune. This is a village in the highland district of Tan Son - Phu Tho, located at the junction between Highway 32 to Yen Bai and Highway 32B to Lang Son. Therefore, this is also a familiar stop for many backpackers as well as tour groups when making tours to visit the Northwest.


What’s good to eat in U Village 

Tea is one of the key specialties of Phu Tho that is loved by many tourists. Tea varieties in Phu Tho are also very diverse, with highlights such as green tea, black tea, oolong tea, and flavored tea,...

Phu Tho cassava vegetables can be said to be a very unique dish in Phu Tho cuisine, this vegetable is easy to grow and also very easy to find, you can find this vegetable anywhere in the midland land. . Cassava vegetables are best eaten when cooked with fish, pork leg, ribs or stir-fried with meat

“Banh ta”i is a type of cake that dates back to ancient times in Phu Tho town, it is also known as Hon cake. The cake is made from plain rice, with pork inside combined with other ingredients with its own recipe, shaped like an ear.

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    Entertainment in U Village 

    Arriving in Ú Phu Tho village, it is easy to see that the entrance to the village is a dirt road with the style of the old Northern village road. Unspoiled landscape, familiar with the appearance of roofs made from palm trees. Interwoven with that is a green color of rice fields spread evenly across the Bua river.

    And it is impossible not to mention the rows of old trees that shade the people here on the green grass. The image of the U village appears peaceful and quiet when there are buffaloes leisurely grazing on young grass.

    Most of the people in U village are Muong ethnic people living here and their main occupation is growing wet rice. Therefore, irrigation for agricultural cultivation is focused on by the people here. Bua river also contributes to adorning U village more peacefully and green. And to cross the Bua River, the Muong people used wooden trees to make rafts. Therefore, you will not be too surprised when you see Muong girls and boys cutting trees in the forest and then huddling together to release them on the river. This is the means to help them cross the Bua River.

    Going upstream of the U dam, you will see a blue lake - this is the result of blocking the river and taking water from the Muong ethnic people. Bua river flows near U dam with its winding shape and the appearance of many large and small rocks that look like the foot of a waterfall. The two sides of the river are surrounded by primitive old groves with rich vegetation creating a poetic, majestic, and heart-stopping scenery. On hot, sweltering summer days to cleanse the soul and find coolness, the ideal rendezvous of the Muong in the U village is to the U dam, a cool blue lake. Here, you will feel more clearly the hanging beauty of the village and relax by the Bua river.