Introduction to Tan Lap Floating Village

Tan Lap floating village is an ideal destination for those who love photography and want to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. You might plan to visit some nearby attractions like the Floating Pagoda, the Medicinal Garden or even the Tan Hiep border gate for shopping.

The Tan Lap floating village ecotourism area is being nominated as one of the top 10 most popular ecotourism areas in Vietnam. It is located in the center of Dong Thap Muoi, Moc Hoa District, Long An province. It’s about 15 km south of the Cambodian border.

With an area of 135 hectares, a buffer area of 500 hectares is planned to build a typical tourist area of Long An in particular in the wetland of Dong Thap Muoi. Visiting this floating village you will be immersed in the unique nature of the Southern Vietnam River.

Cultural Information
Visitors have a chance to participate in traditional games related to the lifestyle of the southerners of the past. The games include crossing cầu khỉ, literally monkey bridge, a single-bamboo bridge common in the Mekong Delta, blind man’s bluff with ducks, and catching eels in a pot. Similarly, you can go fishing with specific locally used equipment.


Transport to Tan Lap Floating Village

From Saigon, you go towards National Highway 1A to Tan An city (Long An) about 40km, continue following National Highway 62 to Moc Hoa district, about 62 km to Tan Lap floating village. Alternatively, start from the center of Cu Chi town in the direction of Ben Luc district (Long An), drive about 70 km until reaching the junction at the end of the right turn, it is a further 35 km to Tan Lap floating village.


What’s good to eat in Tan Lap Floating Village?

The lunch buffet features a wide range of southern Vietnamese dishes such as cá lóc nướng trui, snakehead fish grilled in burning straw, bún mắm, or Khmer thick fermented vermicelli, and southern-styled bánh xèo, also known as Vietnamese pancake. Visitors can find themselves immersed in the lifestyle in the Mekong Delta at Tân Lập Floating Village.

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    If you like to stay overnight to continue exploring more places surrounding, you can rent a guest house in Kien Tuong commune area. It’s about 5km away or there are available some home-stay at the floating village. It’s also ideal place to bring your camping tent and sleep overnight between melaleuca forests, enjoy barbecue, picnic,.. Remember to bring mosquito repellent, bed nets… if staying overnight to prevent mosquitoes and insects.


    With an area of ​​135ha, a buffet area of ​​500ha is planned to build a typical tourist area of ​​Long An province in particular and the wetland of Dong Thap Muoi in general. Visiting this floating village you will be immersed in the unique nature of the Southern Vietnam River.

    The best way to explore the floating village and melaleuca forest is on a rowing boat, the boatman will always be your guide, bring you to crept to discover and learn about the giant swamp, green vegetation or watching the blooming lotus pond. The boat ride through the Melaleuca Forest takes about 30 minutes and would be funny and lovely scenery along with the white tree stumps and leafy foliage covering the area.

    Walk through the Melaleuca Forest also peaceful and interesting experience, the walking path loop which is about 5 km and paved, so it’s easy to walk on.. You will also see some wooden bridges or wooden planks to test your balance.

    The highlight of the Melaleuca forest is the 38-meter-tall watchtower, where you can see and admire the grandeur, vastness of the forest and the 5km long walking road through this Vietnam’s longest melaleuca forest. You can travel to Tan Lap floating village in September, October and November when the water level is higher and you can admire the lotus swamps blooming.