Introduction to Tam Thanh Mural Village

The village is located in the south of Hoi An so you can plan a day trip easily. It is a small community with almost thirty houses (when it was unexplored), located near the beach that started getting attention a few years ago. Most people find this place very calm and they visit this place to run away from the crowded streets of Hoi An, Quang Nam province.

The unique and colorful Tam Thanh mural village is a live gallery of Vietnamese and Korean artists. The fishing village was very poor and isolated so the artists spent weeks here and converted the place beautifully into a village gallery. The joint project consisted of five Korean artists and seven Vietnamese artists, along with local volunteers. They aimed to help show the Vietnamese that art could be available in everyday life—whatever one’s place in life.

There are about a hundred murals on houses, walls, and streets. The paintings are not limited to the walls only but they are made of many other things that you can easily spot. There is a grassy field area where the paintings are made of bamboo-made objects. This is the major street art attraction in Vietnam that is visited by thousands of tourists every year.  


Transport to Tam Thanh Mural Village

Tam Thanh is located roughly 45 kilometers south of Hoi An or 12 kilometers east of Tam Ky. It lies on a strip of land caught between the sea and the Truong Giang River. It’s possible to reach the village by taxi, private car, any bus, or even an organized tour.

From Quang Nam and Da Nang cities, you have 3 directions to move to Tam Thanh Hoi An mural village: National Highway 1A, the direction of Tam Tien, Nui Thanh. Specifically:

- Direction of National Highway 1A: From Da Nang, you can run along National Highway 1A. When you arrive at the An Hoa roundabout of Tam Ky City, turn left onto Nguyen Van Troi street and then go straight towards the monument to the heroic Vietnamese mother. You continue to follow the direction of the sign to Ha Thanh & Tam Thanh.

- From the south of the city, you run to Tam Ky bridge and then follow the direction of Thanh Hoa street to reach Hoi An or Ha Thanh. From Hoi An, you run straight across Cua Dai bridge, continue straight to Thanh Nien's direction and ask people towards Ha Thanh!

- From the direction of Nam Tien, Nui Thanh: You will follow the inter-commune road to the North until there is a signpost to Ha Thanh beach. From there, you just need to run about 2km more to see Bich Hoa Village.

Tour from Hoi An

There are different companies providing half-day tours to the Tam Thanh mural village. You can book one for exploration it is detailed and guided. The tour usually starts at 1 pm until 5:30 pm. There are some other attraction visits included in the trip. Booking a trip is a very good option especially if you are traveling solo. The charges are fixed and you have no hassle of negotiating with the taxi.


What’s good to eat in Tam Thanh Mural Village

For drinks, snacks, and other food, there are a number of sugarcane stands and a couple of local convenience stores lining the road. There are also a few local cafés if you’re looking to sit down, rest your legs and escape the sun. In addition, if you plan to combine a visit to Bich Hoa Village with the nearby Tam Thanh beach, don't forget to enjoy delicious seafood dishes at very attractive prices. Right next to the beach, there are many restaurants of the people here opening, serving tourists rustic and typical dishes such as stir-fried morning glory, fried squid with fish sauce, grilled scallops, steamed grouper... especially herring salad.

  • The first delicious dish that you can eat to feel the taste is Quang noodles. This dish is processed into many different types such as Quang chicken noodles, Quang ribs noodles, Quang pork noodles, Quang beef noodles, Quang shrimp noodles,... Visiting Tam Thanh mural village, you can easily see Quang noodle shops all over the streets and alleys.
  • Rice paper rolls with pork is a delicious Quang Nam dish with its own flavor that visitors should try when coming to Tam Thanh mural village. Rice paper will include water rice paper and dry rice paper. Pork will usually choose pork belly with only half lean and half fat. Rolling rice paper with pork and raw vegetables will bring great flavor. The raw vegetables will include all kinds of different types such as broccoli, lettuce, cinnamon, thin waste bananas, etc. The soul of the pork roll paper is the bowl of green chili sauce. Each flavor blends together to make everyone feel delicious and excited. The shops in Tam Thanh town all serve delicious and cheap pork rice paper rolls, so eat to know the taste.
  • Coming to Tam Thanh mural village, besides checking in with many beautiful pictures, you can also experience new cuisine. "Banh bot loc" is a specialty of Quang, consisting of 2 types of fillings: green beans and shrimp meat. The local people make the cake completely by hand, so the filter cake is fatty, fragrant and full of flavor. "Banh bot loc" will usually be dipped with a bowl of sweet and spicy fish sauce, so it will be more stimulating and add more flavor to the dish.
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    Entertainment in Tam Thanh Mural Village

    After enjoying an amazing day trip of exploring the beautiful murals in this fishing village you will realize how important are these murals for the village and how they represent the lifestyles of Tam Thanh Mural village natives. This was the joint effort of the Government of Quang Nam province and the Korean community art exchange program. 

    The project was a success, and the village has been brought to life through the paintings. The entire town is now a breathtaking walk-through gallery just waiting to be explored. The murals that adorn it capture the life and soul of the village, from young children playing, to fishermen in the ocean. Walking through the single street of the Tam Thanh mural village, it’s not uncommon to find locals selling refreshments and handmade goods.

    There is amazing countryside while going to the village. You can stop a little bit to enjoy the surroundings. 

    Vietnamese Heroic mother nature statue

    This site is the mark of the heroic contribution to the nation. It was dedicated to the mothers of the children who lost their lives in the Vietnamese battle. It was inaugurated on the 40th anniversary of liberation (1975- 2015). The statue covers 15 hectares of Cam mountain and it is 120 meters wide and 18.6 meters high. The construction cost of this statue was US$19 million which was contributed by the local authorities and beneficiaries of the country. The statue is very well detailed carved in granite and has a museum inside it that displays the memories of the volunteers who devoted their life to the country.

    Tam Thanh Beach

    The southern end of Tam Thanh consists of a market, a couple of shops, restaurants, and a beach. During the day, the area is tranquil and uneventful, but in the early evening, it comes alive. This area of Tam Thanh Beach is kept clean and well-manicured by the local beach chair providers. The beach is fully equipped with a net and a lifeguard stands for your safety.