Introduction to Ta Phin Village

Located about 12 km from Sapa town centre, Ta Phin Village is one of the most famous ecotourist spots in Sapa, Lao Cai province. The village is home to Red Dao and H’Mong people, 2 Vietnamese ethnic minorities. Ta Phin Village is situated in the valley, surrounded by spectacular mountains and rice terraces.

After visiting Ta Phin Village, you can go to Ta Phin Cave at the foot of the Hoang Lien Son Mountain for a more adventurous experience. Ta Phin Cave is about 3 metres wide, 5 metres high, and it has a pathway into the ground. Inside the cave, there are a lot of stalactites sparkling with various shapes, such as fairies and pregnant women holding babies. On entering the cave, visitors will encounter a large rock lying on the left side. On the rock, there is an image that seems like the footprints of a chicken. Also, on the right side, there are some indentations that look like horse footprints.

On the way from the town to the village, tourists will be able to enjoy the extremely beautiful scenery. Along the road, there are many mountain sloping side and the green terraced fields one of the remarkable highlights of Vietnamese mountainous area. Moreover, the two sides of the road are filled with flowers blooming. Based on the season, there would be different kind of flowers, and the msot beautiful flowers in Sa Pa are The Buckwheat Blossom (bloom in March) and Sapa Broccoli Flower (bloom in the early winter).

Cultural information

Ta Phin village is the principal habitat of the H’Mong and Red Dao people. The 2 most popular ethnic “specialties” here that you should not miss are: the Red Dao traditional herb baths and the H’Mong brocatelle weaving. Red Dao people have a different lifestyle from Mong people in Sapa, from clothing, writing to house architecture. Especially Red Dao people in Ta Phin village have customs of herbal bathing. Visitors come here should try this exciting service experience. 

When arriving at Ta Phin village, the charming H’Mong women in their colourful, traditional costumes may capture your heart at first sight. Continuing walking into the village, you will easily see ethnic women with colourful embroidered costumes weaving in front of their houses. They are so skilled and talented to make many brocatelle products, including backpacks, tourist handbags, scarves, wallets and even clothes of different colours and patterns, which are ideal souvenirs for tourists to Sapa. Usually, the beautiful scenery of Sa Pa and Ta Phin Village are reflected in the embroidery pattern. It can be flowers, plants, birds or even mountains and forests of the Northwest.

Coming here, you will have the opportunity to learn about daily life , traditions, customs and practices of the ethnic minorities here for example dance ritual of Bai Tram capturing turtles, wedding ceremonies, love songs, etc. Besides, Mong people also have a ceremony to banish the bad luck, vows, worshiping ceremonies and especially the Gau TTao festival. In festivals, there are customs that we have never seen before. That’s the reason so many tourists are eager to come here.



Transport to Ta Phin Village

Ta Phin is 12km from Sa Pa town, located to the northeast of Sapa district, Lao Cai province.

From the center of Sapa town, tourists should follow the 4D highway and turn to the left where they will find the entrance gate. After buying the entrance ticket, tourists have to take a road of around 7km to Ta Phin village.

The road to Ta Phin village is very difficult, you must drive well to be able to go. The road is all steep pass, small enough for only 1 car to pass, big rocks are scattered on the road so the best solution is to hire a motorbike or motorbike taxi. This way the experienced driver can take you to the right place at a very reasonable price with many useful pieces of advice and tips. On both sides of the road, there are flowers with grass growing and showing off.


What’s good to eat in Ta Phin Village?

Coming to Ta Phin village, it is considered an absolute must for visitors to enjoy tasting the typical dishes with bold traditional flavors of Ta Phin village. There are many special delicacies of the two ethnic groups H'Mong and Dao such as braised pork belly, fried chicken with lemongrass, pork soup cooked with bamboo shoots and crocodiles, fried stream fish, and other delicious meals.

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    Best things to do in Ta Phin Village 

    Ta Phin Village is located 17 km northeast of Sa Pa center. On the way from the town to the village, tourists will be able to enjoy the extremely beautiful scenery. Along the road, there are many mountain slopes and green terraced fields, one of the remarkable highlights of the Vietnamese mountainous area. The two sides of the road are filled with blooming flowers. Depending on the season, there will be different kinds of flowers, and the most beautiful flowers in Sa Pa are The Buckwheat Blossom (which bloom in March) and Sapa Broccoli Flower (which bloom in the early winter).

    About 1 km to the north of Ta Phin Commune People's Committee, there is a limestone mountain which is a branch of the Hoang Lien Son Range. In this mountain range exists a small mountain, at the bottom of the mountain cracked open a cave entrance which is about 5 meters high, and 3 meters wide, opening a path down to the ground. Around 30 meters to underground, tourists will encounter a small cave. From this point, the cave is divided into many sub-caves, leading to many tiny tunnels. This is a place where much valuable research and archeology need to be preserved and protect. 

    Besides the beautiful natural landscape, Ta Phin Sapa is famous for its culture rich with many ethnic festivals, oath ceremonies, and local celebrations as well as traditional craft, in which brocade is pretty well-known to many tourists. In recent years, in alignment with the development of Sapa town and the raise of the demand for brocade goods, Ta Phin brocade village was established and came into operation from 1998 until now.