Introduction to Ta Leng Commune

Ta Leng commune is a land that many tourists are interested in. This is a commune located in the Northeast region of love, in the beautiful and famous Tam Duong district. 

Today, Ta Leng is known by many tourists, attracting many young people to visit and explore. So if you have the opportunity to travel to Lai Chau, you should spend a little time in Ta Leng. This is a commune in the Tam Duong district, so visitors can combine it with many other destinations such as Hon Village, and Na Luong Village, ... which are very beautiful and famous.

Ta Leng is a mountainous commune with 2/3 high mountain topography, clearly divided to form valleys, hills, and beautiful mountains. The commune is located at an altitude of 850 - 2900 meters above sea level with a gentle structure from the Northeast to the Southwest. 

As a high mountain area, the climate here is quite cool, averaging only about 20 degrees Celsius. In summer, it will be hotter but not more than 30 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, in winter it is very cold, about 6 degrees Celsius. Therefore, visitors can consider traveling to Lai Chau, especially Ta Leng in summer and autumn to enjoy the beautiful scenery and atmosphere in the mountains. 

The first time you travel to Ta Leng Lai Chau commune, you will immediately be captivated by the picture of the deep valleys, surrounded by magnificent mountains. Because of topographical features, people here also cultivate terraced fields. Ta Leng is beautiful in every season, but the production season of local people is the most beautiful for tourists who love to experience it.

The terraced fields change color from gray to silvery brown waves of the water season to the golden yellow of rice paddies In the autumn of September - October, the rice fields in Ta Leng are ripe and beautiful like a carefully painted picture.


Transport to Ta Leng Commune

Ta Leng Commune has located about 28 km from the center of Tam Duong district to the northwest and about 10 km from the center of Lai Chau city.


What’s good to eat in Ta Leng Commune

In Ta Leng, there are many ethnic Mong and Dao living. Therefore, when visiting the commune, visitors can eat many delicious specialties such as black rice cakes, cassava sticky rice, salted and sour pork, five-color sticky rice, etc. You will have the opportunity to fully experience the scenery, cuisine, and culture while staying here for a few days.

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    Information about accommodation in Ta Leng Commune

    Today, in Ta Leng commune, there is also a homestay to serve tourists. Coming here, you will be able to stay and live like a local to better understand the lifestyle of the Mong, Dao,... in the villages.

    Ta Leng commune is one of the prominent communes of the Tam Duong district, attracting tourists with its beautiful natural scenery and many unique and attractive tourist experiences. If you have the opportunity, you should once explore Ta Leng to see that Lai Chau land is really an impressive destination on the Northwest tourist map.


    Entertainment in Ta Leng Commune

    This place has many activities for visitors to experience such as exploring villages, wandering the streets to admire the scenery, checking in with the beautiful ripe rice season or finding a peaceful corner to reflect on life. 

    Traveling to Ta Leng, visitors can admire the typical natural picture of the Northwest mountains. Here is the Ta Leng stream with a length of up to 9 km, besides there is a system of small streams evenly distributed everywhere. Thanks to that, people in Ta Leng have enough water to irrigate crops.

    Coming to Ta Leng, in addition to the journey to explore the terraced fields around the city, visitors also have the opportunity to learn about the life of the highland people and the typical culture of the Mong people here. In particular, you can also spend time visiting Ta Leng pine hill - a place with peaceful and romantic scenery like Da Lat.

    For those who are passionate about trekking, you can spend time climbing Ta Lien Son mountain, also known as Co Trau mountain. With an altitude of 2,996 meters, Ta Lien Son is one of the highest mountains in the North of our country, opening for visitors a memorable journey when crossing the forest and crossing streams to reach the top of the mountain. Exploring Ta Lien Son mountain in spring, visitors will admire the rhododendron trees blooming in the middle of the old forest.

    During the journey from the foot of the mountain to the top, you will pass through primeval forests with vegetation that changes continuously with altitude. Then, when reaching the top, it is a majestic and magnificent picture of the forest, the clouds and the sky, how beautiful it is.