Introduction to Sin Ho 

Sin Ho is a border highland district located in the west of Lai Chau province, bordering Lai Chau city and Tam Duong district to the east, Nam Nhun district and China to the west, Dien Bien and Son La to the south. and the North borders Phong Tho district. This place is considered the roof of Lai Chau province because it is located at an altitude of 1,500m. Sin Ho possesses a pristine picture of mountains and forests, combining a dense network of rivers and streams.

Sin Ho is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Lai Chau province. Any visitor coming here will be immediately mesmerized by its wild and majestic beauty. Because Sin Ho is located at a fairly high altitude, it has a cool climate all year round, so there is no time limit to visit. Coming to Sin Ho at any time of the year, you will also feel a unique beauty. 

Cultural information

Coming to Sin Ho Lai Chau, you will not only admire the pristine beauty of the mountains but also admire the colorful paintings from brocade costumes of ethnic minorities.


Transport to Sin Ho

To get to Sin Ho, you must first move to Lai Chau city. Then continue to move to Sin Ho. The road from Hanoi to Lai Chau is about 450km, you can use a lot of suitable means of transportation such as cars, motorbikes, and coaches,...

Bus: At My Dinh or Giap Bat bus stations every day, there are always many bus routes from Hanoi to Lai Chau for you to choose. After arriving in Lai Chau city, you can continue to move to Sin Ho in many different ways. However, to make the trip more interesting, you should rent a motorbike and move by yourself. From the city center, you follow the National Highway DT128 about 60km to Sin Ho.

Private vehicles

- Option 1: Starting from Thang Long bridge, go straight on Noi Bai - Lao Cai highway. After entering Lao Cai province, turn left onto Highway 4D. Go straight on this highway to the territory of Lai Chau. Then continue to move to Sin Ho according to the instructions.

- Option 2: Move along Highway 32 to Nghia Lo, Mu Cang Chai, Than Uyen, then to Lai Chau. Going west in the direction of National Highway 4D will reach Sin Ho Plateau.

Alternatively, you can travel from Hanoi to Lai Chau by train to Lao Cai. Then continue to take the bus for another 100km to Lai Chau city. Or you can go from Dien Bien Phu (flying from Hanoi) about 200km is the distance from Dien Bien Phu airport to Lai Chau.


What’s good to eat in Sin Ho

Sin Ho is not only attractive by its beautiful natural scenery but also by its unique cuisine. Traveling to Lai Chau Sin Ho, you should enjoy the typical dishes of Northwest cuisine. Although it may not be to your taste, it is a bit difficult to eat for you, but you should try it. Because there are many different ethnic groups here, you will surely enjoy many strange dishes from the highlands. Coming to Sin Ho, you can enjoy specialties with rich mountain flavor such as buffalo meat rolled with guise leaves, steamed goat, Thang Co, stream fish, and sticky rice,...

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    Entertainment in Sin Ho

    Because of its high altitude, this place has a cool climate all year round, so you can come to Sin Ho to travel at any time of the year.

    - Spring: you can discover fresh natural beauty, with forests of peach blossom, plum blossom, ... in full bloom. If you want to go to Sin Ho to hunt for clouds, the time from March to April will be quite reasonable.

    - Summer: the ideal time to discover the beauty of the ripe rice season, the terraced fields are like wearing a beautiful yellow shirt.

    - Autumn: the time when the air is a bit chilly, is the right time to go conquering the surrounding mountains.

    - Winter: you can go to Sin Ho to bathe in the medicinal leaves of the Dao people, and if you are lucky, you can watch the falling snowflakes.

    According to Sin Ho travel experience, Na Khuong water is one of the places you should not miss when coming to this land. The natural scenery here is wild and beautiful, making anyone feel moved. Crossing the wooden suspension bridge over the Nam Mu stream, you will come to a vast rice field. People here build dozens of water streams along the stream, creating an extremely impressive landscape, rarely found anywhere else.

    Tac Tinh Waterfall is a priceless gift that the Creator has favored for the land of Sin Ho Lai Chau. Not only possessing a wild, majestic and captivating natural scenery, this place also hides behind a thrilling legendary story about the journey of a couple.

    Sin Ho Plateau is like the roof of Lai Chau province. Here, the climate is quite similar to Sa Pa town, cool all year round, creating favorable conditions for many temperate flowers and fruits such as plums, peaches, pears, etc. to develop. You will be lost in the ancient space with many legendary vestiges with many traditional cultural heritages, and the diverse and unique identity of the local people in the Northwest mountains such as Thai-Muong-So Xoe dancing and some traditional festivals (Hoa Ban festival of Thai people, performance festival of White Thai people, New rice festival of La Hu people...), archaeological sites, set of 36 paintings worshiping Giay people,...

    There are also many other beautiful places that when coming to Sin Ho you should visit such as Si Thau Chai, Ban San Thang, Da Ong Mountain, and Ong Tien Cave…