Introduction to Sin Chai village

Sin Chai is a beautiful village in Sa Pa Town, Lào Cai Province, that still retains the rustic simplicity of a mountainous village. There is still the typical rustic simplicity of a highland village. Friendly smiles are always found here when the locals encounter a tourist on the road. Sin Chai is a friendly and welcoming village. Like many people in other villages in Sa Pa, Sín Chải villagers mainly live on crop farming and animal husbandry.

The village belongs to Hoàng Liên Commune, located about 4km from the center of Sa Pa. Although located right next to Cát Cát, a famous community-based cultural tourism village of the town, Sín Chải is still pristine and quiet compared to the neighboring village.

It lies at the foot of the Hoàng Liên Sơn mountain range, surrounded by vast hills. It has been the home of the Mông ethnic minority for generations.

Cultural information 

The village is home to about 1,600 ethnic Mông people, so when coming here, Mai feels the Mông culture which has a significant impact on life, architecture as well as many other factors in the village. Visitors can choose to visit Sin Chai Village where they can experience the unique culture of the people. Whether it be by staying at the local people's houses, living together, admiring the traditional culture of embroidered decorations on their costumes to the creation of products and handmade embroidery crafts.



Transport to Sin Chai village

From Lao Cai train station, it takes an hour to drive to Sapa town. Travelers can take a taxi to the town or reach it right away at the starting point of the climb or cable car station. Fansipan mountain foot is only 2 km away from Sapa town, but you would need 30 minutes or more as the roads are narrow and busy with cars or other heavy vehicles sharing the roads.


What’s good to eat in Sin Chai village?

When visiting the village, you should not miss delicious specialties such as maize cakes, smoked buffalo meat and home-brew Sán Lùng wine. In Sin Chai village visitors, in addition to experiencing the scenery and walking, can also enjoy delicious specialties such as corn cake, Thang Co, corn wine, and apple cider.

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    Best things to do in Sin Chai Village 

    Tourists who want to visit Sin Chai at the most beautiful one should choose March – April, and September – October.

    March – April is the season of pouring water, which is when the farmers in Sin Chai started in the rice transplant. Around this time, the terraced fields in the village filled with water. The water reflects the sunlight that makes the field shine so beautifully. Rice field is also very rare in Sapa when they only transplant rice once a year.

    September – October is the season of rice. This time there are many self-sufficient tour groups and Private tour Sapa to visit the Sin Chai, watching the golden terraces iridescent in the sun. This is also the most beautiful time in Sapa. Pictures of nine golden terraced fields have always been the subject of international photography competitions in Vietnam.

    If you come to Sapa in December – January, visitors also have the opportunity to watch the snow in Sin Chai – Sapa.

    Currently, trekking is a type of tourism that is very popular with tourists when visiting Sín Chải Village. You can walk while admiring the poetic beauty of the scenery on both sides of the road while learning about the customs, lifestyle and cuisine of the people here.