Introduction to Sang Ma Sao Commune 

Sang Ma Sao commune in Lao Cai is a beautiful place in the Northwest mountains. In the Mong language, Sang Ma Sao means Mao Ga mountain, located about 50km from the town center, and is a highland commune of Bat Xat district, Lao Cai. 

There are villages located at the foot of the mountain, in the valley, the terrain is strongly divided, around many deep abysses that make visitors "startled" every time they look down from above. But that's also why Sage Ma Sao has its own charm, which is rarely found anywhere else. Sang Ma Sao commune in Lao Cai is located at the foot of Nhiu Co San mountain - one of the highest mountains in our country. Therefore, the beauty of the terraced fields becomes even more beautiful when it is adorned with rolling mountains, floating white clouds, and old forests. 

Not only has terraced fields attracting tourists, but Sang Ma Sao also has vast old forests on Nhiu Co San mountain. According to the local language, Nhiu Co San means Buffalo Horn Mountain, this name comes from the fact that on sunny days, there is no fog covered, standing from afar we can see the mountain peak shaped like a buffalo horn.



Transport to Sang Ma Sao Commune

Sang Ma Sao commune in Lao Cai is a beautiful place in the Northwest mountains. This highland commune is located in the Bat Xat district, only 5 km from the center of the Muong Hum commune cluster. Visitors who want to go to Sang Ma Sao can travel by motorbike, or car or take a bus to Lao Cai or Sa Pa. If you go from Sa Pa, you will only have to go 70km more, end O Quy Ho passes in the direction of Ban Khoang, go to Ta Giang Phinh valley, and one more section will see the Muong Hum heaven gate. If going from Lao Cai city, visitors can go in the direction of Trinh Tuong, through the center of Bat Xat district, and then back to Sang Ma Sao.


What’s good to eat in Sang Ma Sao Commune

In Sang Ma Sao, there are many ethnic Mong and Dao living. Therefore, when visiting the commune, visitors can eat many delicious specialties such as black rice cakes, cassava sticky rice, salted and sour pork, five-color sticky rice, etc. You will have the opportunity to fully experience the scenery, cuisine, and culture while staying here for a few days.

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    Information about accommodation in Sang Ma Sao Commune

    Today, in Sang Ma Sao commune, there is also a homestay to serve tourists. Coming here, you will be able to stay and live like a local to better understand the lifestyle of the Mong, Dao,... in the villages. Sang Ma Sao commune is one of the prominent communes of the Bat Xat district, attracting tourists with its beautiful natural scenery and many unique and attractive tourist experiences. If you have the opportunity, you should once explore Sang Ma Sao to see that Lao Cai is really an impressive destination on the Northwest tourist map.


    Entertainment in Sang Ma Sao Commune

    Coming to this highland commune of Bat Xat, in addition to admiring the terraced fields, visitors should take time to explore Nhiu Co San peak. This is a mountain also known as Horn Buffalo Mountain. On days when it is not sunny, the top of the mountain is covered with fog. If standing from a distance, you can only see the top of the mountain like a buffalo horn. Nhiu Co San Peak is 2,300 meters above sea level, possessing a diverse and rare ecosystem. This mountain is submerged in a beautiful sea of white clouds all year round, becoming a favorite cloud hunting coordinate for many tourists when traveling to Lao Cai. With this altitude, your climbing journey will not be too harsh. So if you have the opportunity, try once trekking Nhiu Co San.

    About Sang Ma Sao, in addition to climbing mountains, and exploring terraced fields, you can also spend time walking around the village, and visiting the people's cardamom gardens. Day by day, the rhythm of life here is peaceful and quiet. Therefore, those who have been to the commune once want to come back later.

    According to the experience of many young people going to the Northwest, there are two most beautiful seasons to visit Sang Ma Sao: the pouring season and the ripe rice season. In the pouring water season, standing on Nhiu Co San mountain range looking down, we can see like a giant mirror reflecting a charming painting of water. Every year from May to June, when the first rains of the season bring water to the fields, farmers focus on planting rice only once a year. The terraced fields filled with water shimmered in the sun. In the ripe rice season, the terraced fields in Sang Ma Sao are filled with golden colors and the scent of ripe rice faintly wafted. The golden silk strips are layered, stretching like the shadow of the mountains in the distance, winding around the small houses of the Dao and the Mong people scattered throughout the hills and valleys.