Introduction to San Sa Ho commune 

Traveling to San Sa Ho Sapa commune is definitely a great trip for those who love to explore nature, and want to experience the beautiful and peaceful scenery of Sapa. From Sapa town to here, visitors only move the shortest way is 2 km. To explore the beauty of the commune, you just need to spend time following the roads, passing through Cat Cat, Sin Chai, and Y Linh Ho 1 and 2 villages respectively. 

San Sa Ho Commune Sapa fully converges between the beauty of nature with winding terraced fields, a peaceful poetic village, and majestic mountains typical of the Northwest. And perhaps the most special is the traditional culture that the Mong people have preserved for generations.

As a highland commune in the Northwest mountainous region, San Sa Ho makes a strong impression on visitors thanks to its cool and pleasant climate all year round. In winter, when the temperature drops too low, visitors here have the opportunity to feel the typical cold of the mountains, as well as the opportunity to hunt for ice at times when the weather is down to minus zero.

In the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, San Sa Ho commune is surrounded by high mountains and deep green forests. In spring, there are peach blossoms, and apricot blossoms in full bloom, in summer there are terraced fields with sparkling water. And when lost, the rice is ripe and golden, painting a beautiful and charming picture that not everywhere in Vietnam has.

Cultural information

The life of the Mong ethnic people here is very idyllic, rustic, and attached to nature. The beautiful little houses on stilts with wood stoves and the innocent and joyful playing of children are something that you can easily see when visiting the village. People here live on hills and forests, they are almost self-sufficient. The Hmong are very good at knitting, weaving, and making jewelry... Their traditional costumes are all made by themselves, dresses with colorful colors and many motifs are typical in the costumes of the Mong people.


What’s good to eat in San Sa Ho commune 

Coming to Sau Chua village, visitors are not only overwhelmed with golden terraced fields in the middle of majestic mountains and forests but also fascinated by special dishes with the flavor of mountains such as upland sticky rice, fried bitter bamboo shoots, grilled black pork, grilled stream fish (pa pinh top),...

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    Information about accommodation in San Sa Ho commune 

    Today, tourism in San Sa Ho commune in Sapa has grown tremendously. Accommodation, dining, and entertainment services are available here to meet the needs of domestic and international tourists. Any season of the year is beautiful for you to come to this commune and visit the villages, understand more about the life of the people in the Northwest. Coming here to travel, you can stay at beautiful homestays with professional services, fully serving the needs of rest and dining of tourists.


    Entertainment in San Sa Ho commune 

    Having the opportunity to travel to San Sa Ho Sapa commune, visitors will be able to capture the full view of the beautiful scenery of a large commune. Whether it is a short day trip or an experience journey of 2-3 days, you will be fascinated by the beauty that nature has so generously bestowed. The magnificence of the mountains and forests, the rice fields, the dream of the white clouds flying or the rusticity of the villages, all contribute to creating a truly beautiful and unique tourist destination in the Northwest.

    Before discussing the activities here, perhaps this commune makes visitors fall in love thanks to the dreamy beauty of the streams flowing down from Cat Cat village, from Silver Waterfall, and from Golden Stream. 

    The whole San Sa Ho commune is planned to become a beautiful destination in Sapa, giving visitors many memorable experiences. Today, Cat Cat village in the commune is one of the most famous destinations in Sapa, planned into a professional tourist coordinate with cafes with mountain views, Hmong costume rental shops, and restaurants. The restaurant serves food and drinks, and the homestays are professionally invested.

    In parallel there are Y Linh Ho 1 and 2, these are also two beautiful villages in Sapa located along the Hoang Lien Son range, with terraced fields winding like pictures, with houses on stilts lying on cool gardens, Muong Hoa stream flows across and has the typical beauty of the Black Mong ethnic group.

    In addition, you can also rent traditional Hmong costumes to transform into indigenous girls and boys, experiencing life like a real Northwestern resident. Not to mention, because of the strong development of tourism, San Sa Ho also sells a lot of souvenirs for visitors to bring back to their relatives and friends.