Introduction to Rumah Panjang Teraja Village

The wooden, iconic Teraja Longhouse is built on stilts and has been in the village of Rumah Panjang Teraja since 1950. It’s sturdy, but worn, appearance adds to the charm; stair posts and handles are painted a mint green, with a façade of yellow wooden panels and doors in blue. The design patterns near to the entrance reflect their culture and heritage of the Iban people.

In the surrounding area you will be close to nature and hiking trails, pristine rainforest, refreshing rivers, wildlife and waterfalls. As well as the Teraja Hill view, there are over 40 waterfalls in this area. This off the beaten path destination has so much to offer visitors who will typically plan to arrive at the weekends as this is when the majority of the residence of the longhouse is available for guests to enjoy. The village welcomes all types of tourists, from near and far, they have accredited tour guides to enhance your trip.  Traditional ethnic craftsmanship and culture can be seen and if you wish to pick up a local souvenir, you will find something from the local hospitable and welcoming people.

Some of the villagers live and work outside of the village during the week but, by the weekend, they are happy to gather with family again. Others are skilled in Iban craftsmanship, Farming, Fishing or help to produce local fruits and vegetation which means they can work locally. It is easy to see that the culture and heritage is preserved in this village.


Cultural Information

The people are very welcoming and hospitable with a friendly attitude here.  The Iban Culture of the locals has a big family living together, under one roof, with private quarters along the communal corridor of the longhouse. The people can perform their traditional dance and offer demonstrations of their costumes and handicrafts. While the locals wear casual attire for most days, traditional clothing is worn when they give performances in the longhouse.

Cultural performances can be arranged for individual or group pricing and other activities can be customised according to visitors’ requests. Demonstrations of weaving and blowpipe are traditional in this area.


Top Tips for your stay in Rumah Panjang Teraja Village

If you want to see something traditional then one of the demonstrations (blowpipe or weaving for example), could be just for you. Remember to bring with you any sports or hiking attire for nature and hiking trails, as well as overnight stay and comfortable clothing for homestay activities, money, cameras, and insect repellent.

The best way to make the most of your trip is to book one of the packages available; 

The Teraja Package includes a Bukit Teraja Tour Guide, a Wasai Tour Guide, a Demo of Weaving, and a Blowpipe Challenge all before lunch. 

The Inap Ruai Package includes an overnight stay at the Homestay and other packages such as Group, Adventure, Filming and the Traditional Performance Packages are available to enhance your stay.


Transport to Rumah Panjang Teraja Village

Located in Mukim Labi, Belait District, about 50km from the entrance road via Telisai-Lumut highway, about 127km from city centre of Bandar Seri Begawan and accessible by road and river. By road it is about 1.5 hours from the city centre.


Getting around the area

Visitors can explore the Tropical rainforest including waterfall and hillside from the backyard of the longhouse. Guests will use the accommodation provided as their homestay for this trip. Registration is required to ensure safety procedures are followed. A Guided tour is available to guide visitors into the forest as part of the tour program and the registration is around $3 per person for the entry fee.


What’s good to eat in Rumah Panjang Teraja Village

There are special dishes that visitors should try when they visit. You can be introduced to the cooking methods, and learn about the origin and history of the dishes. Ayam Pansuh, a Traditional Iban cuisine of Bamboo Chicken is recommended on Sundays as it is only available during the Teraja Market, which is held every Sunday.

At the time of booking you can also check about group tour packages to find out more about the meals available for your trip. Alcohol is forbidden for public consumption and this should be kept in mind when staying in the village.



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    Best things to do in Rumah Panjang Teraja Village

    Visitors must visit the Longhouse, homestay, chase waterfalls and jungle trekking as well as experience the culture and heritage side of Teraja such as cultural dancing, weaving, blowpipe and handicraft.

    Seeing a Waterfall, trekking through nature along a hiking trail is highly recommended for the nature enthusiast. Flaura and fauna exploration for the researchers and students are also very popular activities. The dry season, where the area receives relatively low rainfall, is February – April and should be avoided if you are keen to see the waterfalls at their best.