Introduction to Rumah Panjang Sibut Village

The village of Rumah Panjang Sibut is known to be the home of skilled Iban craftsmen who produce traditional basket weaving. The character of the locals here is hospitable and welcoming towards their visitors. Between January and October of 2022 there were just over 1,000 visitors, who mostly chose to visit at the weekend. There is a fresh water pond in the village which is used for fishing and the main accommodation is in the form of a semi modern longhouse. A lot of the old traditions have been well preserved here, including traditional rods being used for fishing. 

There are around 10 main households currently occupied by the Iban community (approximately 70 people in October 2022). The longhouse’s double storey structure that is semi-wooden on the top and concreate on the ground floor is painted in white. Design patterns at the entrance and the communal corridor of the longhouse reflects their culture and heritage. Some of the local people work in public and private sectors, and some are self-employed such as producing Handicraft and working at the Homestay


Cultural Information

Handicrafts, such as woven products, are locally made and make a wonderful gift, be sure to browse the different varieties of basket sizes and designs, as well as checking out the hard work that goes in to making the handbags and mats.  Like many villages in this area, you will see the Iban customs and ethnicity; feel the warm welcome from the people who live here. It is usual for big families to live together under one roof with private quarters along the communal corridors of the longhouse – this makes for a very close-knit community. The people of the village can perform their traditional dance e.g. ‘ngajat’ dance and, during this they will demonstrate their traditional clothing.  If your group would like to observe one of these intimate performances you should request when booking.


Top Tips for your stay in Rumah Panjang Sibut Village

The NEMU-Y Stay Package is among one of the popular packages available for guests to book and can include visits to Nemu-Y Nginti and Nemu-Y Wai, Nemu-Y Setengah Ari, Nemu-Y Kebudayaan, Nemu-Y Pulai Ari.

If you have time to really absorb more of the village culture why not consider the Lubuk Batu Mas 2 Day/1 Night package. This will typically include more immersive activities for you to join; a Weaving Class, a ‘Ngajat’ dance Class, Cooking classes where you can make dinner or try Kuih Penyaram,  an Iban Cultural Performance, try Traditional Fishing at the nearby pond, and enjoy an overnight stay at Lubuk Batu Mas Homestay Accommodation.

Remember to bring with you any sports or hiking attire for nature and hiking trails, as well as overnight stay and comfortable clothing for homestay activities, money, cameras, and insect repellent.


Transport to Rumah Panjang Sibut Village

The village is located at Jalan Batang Duri, Mukim Amo, Temburong District, about 30 minutes’ drive from Bangar Town and about 68km from the city centre, Bandar Seri Begawan , approximately a 1 hour drive. Rumah Panjang Sibut is accessible by road.


Getting around the area

Visitors can explore the recreation park known as Taman Tasik BuluhAie Merah, located across the longhouse. A Local Host Guide is available to guide visitor tours around the longhouse and areas nearby as part of the tour program.


What’s good to eat in Rumah Panjang Sibut Village 

There are special dishes that visitors should try while in the area and can be introduced to the cooking method, origin and history of the dishes. Pandan Juice will be given as a welcome drink for each guest. Ayam Pansuh, aTraditional Iban cuisine, of Bamboo Chicken can be sampled here. For visitors staying in the homestay, they are welcome to enjoy a meal with the host family. Public consumption of alcohol is not allowed in this village so please keep this in mind.

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    Lubuk Batu Mas Homestay is available for renting, so be sure to get in touch to check your preferred dates are available. Due to the rural locations please note that basic facilities and amenities at the lodges and hotel are provided, this can add to the adventure of the trip.


    Best things to do in Rumah Panjang Sibut Village

    Experience the culture and heritage side of Temburong such as cultural dancing, weaving, ethnic delicacies or try the traditional attire and handicrafts. All the arranged activities are done in and around the longhouse, including performances. Generally the best times to visit is during the weekends but do book in advance to ensure everything is prepared for your arrival.

    Staying at the Homestay is also one of the best things to do so that you can fully immerse yourself in to the way of village life. Maybe you will get to see how the locals weave the baskets so well in this village. Close to the area is a waterfall, with a hiking trail amongst the nature for those visitors who are enthusiastic about the rural and remote environment.