Introduction to Po Mu Village 

Ignoring the dust of the city, and the fatigue of work to come to the Northwest, you will have the opportunity to both relax and enjoy the winding roads around the mountains and golden terraced fields. 

The Northwest is like a young girl who can fall in love with anyone, each province in the Northwest has features that attract tourists. And coming to Son La, if you are too familiar with Moc Chau - "Da Lat of the Northwest" and want to find a new scene to explore, you should not ignore Po Mu village. 

This village is considered a fairyland in the middle of Son La because it still retains its beauty through the old stilt houses. Discovering Po Mu village, tourists are also discovering a village at the highest point in Muong La district, going from the center of Son La city 80km to the northeast.

And because it is located in the middle, between the mountains and hills, Po Mu has a dreamy beauty, hidden in the mountain mist and the clouds of smoke emanating from the wooden houses, making this place even more mysterious and attractive


Transport to Po Mu Village 

The road to Po Mu is not easy, but if you overcome the winding roads and high mountains, when you reach Po Mu, you will never regret your efforts.

Experiencing Sa Sip pass with sharp turns, crossing difficult and dangerous roads and 20 km of road along Nam Chien hydroelectric lake, the image of stilt houses made of smoky wood, dense forests Thousands of light incense scents of the walls made of bamboo also gradually appear, as beautiful as a picture carved by nature.


What’s good to eat in Po Mu Village 

Like many other lands, when visiting Po Mu, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy many unique specialties that cannot be found everywhere.

- During the rainy season around April - May, shiitake mushrooms will appear in the forest, and local people will pick mushrooms to sell in restaurants or dry them for tourists to easily bring back as gifts when traveling to Po Mu village. With a delicious mushroom flavor, unique characteristics will surely make you unforgettable the first time you enjoy it.

- Referring to the delicious dishes at Po Mu, Ha Nhi beer is a specialty drink not to be missed, different from the taste of all other beers. This beer is produced by the Ha Nhi people according to the traditional recipe with a combination of fresh forest fruits. After a period of incubation, you can drink it directly and do not need to worry about headaches.

- In Po Mu village, the traditional Thang Co dish made from the human flesh of the Mong people is very popular. With the combination of meat and offal and the right spices, this dish is also highly appreciated by many visitors.

- Brassica oleracea is a fairly common vegetable in the Northwest with its dark green color, which is easy to eat. This vegetable is usually prepared by stir-frying, boiling, or eating with hot pot dishes. These dishes are both delicious, nutritious, and healthy.

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    Entertainment in Po Mu Village 

    As soon as you arrive at Ngoc Chien, you will see the whole scene of the poetic and beautiful Po Mu village with wooden houses. The special feature that makes Po Mu village different from other villages is that in Po Mu, although there are still many poor households, all houses are made from precious wood. Houses on stilts are the proudest feature of the Po Mu people because no matter how many times and generations have passed, the stilt houses in Po Mu village still retain their original pure features

    Visitors will be amazed and surprised when discovering Po Mu village because now there are more than 1000 houses made entirely from rare Po Mu wood. Po Mu people will tell you that to make a house from Po Mu wood must go through the difficult process of choosing wood, choosing from root to tip. And to have a poetic Po Mu village like the modern is a whole construction process of the Po Mu people. 

    Not only attracting visitors by the scenery, of the unique Po Mu wooden stilt houses but when visitors come to explore Po Mu village, they are also attracted by the friendly Po Mu people. Po Mu people are also simple and gentle, they are always happy to welcome visitors and are proud to talk about their village.

    You will have experiences on stilts with Po Mu people, spread dances, and fire nights together. Coming to discover Po Mu village, you cannot ignore those miracles because those are the memories that you will never forget during your trip to discover Po Mu village.