Introduction to Pentingsari Village

Located on the slopes of Mount Merapi, at a distance of 12.5 km from the top of Mount Merapi, the atmosphere of the Importantsari Tourism Village is relaxed, beautiful, and comfortable. If taken from the center of Jogjakarta City, it is only 22.5 km and takes about 45 minutes.

With the theme of Nature, Culture, and Agriculture Tourism Village with an Environmental Insight, the Importantsari Tourism Village offers experiential tourism activities in the form of learning and interaction about nature, the environment, agriculture, plantations, entrepreneurship, socio-cultural life, various traditional arts and local wisdom which are still deeply rooted in a society that is packed with a typical rural atmosphere.

The work system and empowerment of the surrounding community show that almost all workers and managers of the Pentingsari tourist village are residents. Residents of the slopes of Merapi still uphold Javanese culture, which can be seen in the shape of their typical house, namely Joglo. Most residents work as farmers, Freelanders, entrepreneurs, and civil servants.

Cultural information

The habit of the village community that is still maintained today is Kenduri.  The meaning of Kenduri itself is a form of our gratitude to the almighty. When there are tourists, Kenduri is made one of the attractions for eating together, aiming to ask for smoothness in the activities in  Sari Important Tourism Village.

In addition, there is also a welcoming dance called the Punakawan Dance, which is commonly used to welcome tourists who come to the   Sari  Important Tourism Village.


Transport to Pentingsari Village

If taken from the center of Jogjakarta City, it is only 22.5 km and takes about 45 minutes.  It can be passed by bus, and the parker area can accommodate about 14 buses.  The road conditions are all asphalt.

Getting around the village 

We have a local guide who can take you around the village. The community provides some locals with fluent English to guide and share the town’s uniqueness.


What’s good to eat in Pentingsari Village

Gudeg is a  typical dish from  Yogyakarta, made from young jackfruit cooked with coconut milk.   It takes hours to make this dish. The brown color that this food usually produces comes from teak leaves cooked simultaneously.

There is a legend that associates the origins of  Gudeg with the founding of the  Sultan of Mataram At the end of the 16th  century. At that time, fighters who cleared forests to construct a  new national capital in the Yogyakarta region needed more food.   Meanwhile, only jackfruit and coconut trees thrive in the woods. When young jackfruit fruit is complex and cannot be eaten raw, they mix it with coconut milk in a large metal pot and stir it with wooden boards. This cooking process in the everyday Javanese language is called Hangudek (stirring).  It is from this word that, according to legend, it became the origin of the name of the food invented by  the Mataram warrior, "gudeg."

In addition, there is also what is commonly called Jadah Tempe, a combination of two types of food, namely Jadah, which is processed from glutinous rice and tempeh or tofu. Both tempeh and tofu are usually processed in bacem. The name Jadah (ULI) or Javanese people say Gemblong. The food became famous when Sri Sultan Kubuwono IX tried to taste Jadah Tempe. He liked it so much that he often sent his bodyguards to buy the Jadah Tempe.

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    Information about accommodation in Pentingsari Village

    Currently,  the Pentingsari tourist village has 71  community houses used as homestays.  You can interact with the locals during your stay to learn more about important Paris.

    Top tips for you to stay in Pentingsari Village 

    To participate in activities with the village community, we are required to bring a change of clothes and equipment, such as mountain sandals, because we will do activities related to water and mud. Remember to bring personal supplies like medicines etc.


    Entertainment in Pentingsari Village

    Living with the village community and activities with the village community, such as:

    • Welcome dance
    • Natural exploration of the village
    • Village cruise/river cruise
    • Playing Mud Balls
    • Catch fish
    • Paddy Plow
    • Learn gamelan
    • Learn Traditional Dance
    • Coffee Processing
    • Crispy Mushroom Processing