Introduction to Pujonkidul Village

If you want to experience what it is like to live in a proud community village, rich in attraction, fun, and education. Pujonkidul could be for you. It is situated in East Java Province, Malang Regency, Pujon District. The architecture of buildings is a semi-modern concept. Villagers' houses already use concrete construction, either partially or completely. However, there are also several percent of house that still uses bamboo. Such as furniture and accessories. the total area of this village is 330 hectares with an altitude of 1200 meters above the sea, making this a suitable place for growing vegetables.

List of achievements obtained

  1. Kampung Iklim (2016)
  2. Desa Wisata Agro (2017)
  3. Homestay (2017)
  4. Indonesia Sustainable Tourism Award (2018)
  5. Desa Inspiratif (2018)
  6. Pokdarwis (2018)
  7. Desa Wisata Berkelanjutan (2020)
  8. Desa Mandiri Inspiratif (2021)

Cultural information

The people of Pujonkidul are mainly farmers and dairy farmers. Because the natural conditions are at 1200 meters above the sea it is very suitable for this activity. The main products from the farm are chilies, tomatoes, and vegetables. The mainstay of livestock products is milk.



Transport to Pujonkidul Village

Due to there being no public transportation to get to this village, the visitor normally will come with a driver, taxi, bus tour, and their own vehicle.

Getting around Pujonkidul Village

To get more experience around the village it is recommended for visitors to have a local guide to take them around the village.


What’s good to eat in Pujonkidul Village

This village has a typical food name is nasi jagung, with side dishes of urap-urap, sambal kelotok and mendol tempe.

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    Information about accommodation in Pujonkidul Village

    Tourists can also stay at a guest house with a 3-star hotel standard. Or stay in a homestay in the community with local wisdom. Currently, there are a total of 25 homestays with a total of 35 rooms, and keep growing.


    Entertainment in Pujonkidul Village

    Pujonkidul has an annual event, namely the cultural carnival this event is held every on the anniversary of the village, Old food festivals (Oblik) the event is held on the anniversary of the village, the longest takjil this event is held on one of the days of the fasting month of Ramadan each, usually held on between ten days before Eid.

    This place is suitable for visitors who seek peace, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. And visitors can take part in "Kampung Budaya" activities, visitors can take part in making "batik", ethnic music, Bapang Dance, and other old games in this village.