Introduction to Pac Ngoi village

Pac Ngoi village in Nam Mau commune, Ba Be district, has almost 80 households and nearly 400 people in this village of the Tay ethnic group. With charming scenery, close-toed stilted roofs, green corn fields and mountain ranges which overlap one another. Most of the houses on stilts here are built leaning against the mountain, facing the lake, which makes them both solid but also gives a feeling of lightness. Admiring the scenery here is mesmerising and, with the fresh, cool air, it will make you much more relaxed. Any tourists visiting can learn about the customs and habits of the Tay people.

Cultural information

Pac Ngoi village still retains the beauty of the traditional stilt houses of the Tay people, which is a special feature for the village. The house is built solidly and firmly from wooden materials to typical architectural style. 

In the village, there are houses that have been kept for nearly a hundred years, these stilt houses are always preserved and embellished by the people as a testament to the cultural beauty of the village.

The Tay boys and girls wear traditional costumes and will raise their voices, the clear, echoing sound makes the space seem even more vast.

Visitors to Pac Ngoi village will get a warm welcome as they join the campfire nights, full of  traditional cultural activities. People can forget where they are as they absorb their cultural surroundings.


Transport to Pac Ngoi village

Following Highway 3, passing Phu Thong, crossing Giang pass, turning into Ba Be district from Na Phac junction, here you will see a beautiful wooden sign with the words "Pac Ngoi 3km". Drive along the road under the thick foliage and, after about ten minutes, you will arrive in Pac Ngoi village.


What’s good to eat in Pac Ngoi Village?

In Pac Ngoi village, the people are very hospitable, so you will be allowed to enjoy speciality dishes of the Tay people such as: Lam rice, sour shrimp, sour meat and five-colour sticky rice, known to be the fastest dish. Feast on ditch fish, a type of small fish, which is gutted then grilled over charcoal, a very fragrant and sweet meal.

There are also high-energy dishes such as kitchen pork, kitchen rib salad, grilled Ba Be lake shrimp and steamed chicken with lemon leaves,  which can be enjoyed while sipping Tay's delicious yeast wine. To balance the meal, there are also vegetables which are cooked with beef, gourd and forest squirrel, which are stir-fried or cooked in a cool and refreshing soup. One thing is for sure that no visitor will go hungry in Pac Ngoi village.

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    Information about accommodation in Pac Ngoi village

    In Pac Ngoi village, there are ancient houses on stilts that are hundreds of years old, these stilt houses are always preserved and embellished by the people as a testament to the cultural beauty of the village.

    The Tay people's stilt houses are built with four to seven rows of columns, forming two distinct areas. The upper part of the floor is used as a place to receive guests, a kitchen and a place to live, and the part below the floor is a place to store farm tools and poultry houses. Usually, the stilt roof has a structure of two or four roofs made of thatch and palm leaves. Tile-roofed stilt houses are very popular in Ba Be.

    Homestays in Pac Ngoi village are increasingly unique and popular. With a place to stay that is in harmony with nature and has a  cool climate, homestays here are chosen by many tourists.


    Best Things to do in Pac Ngoi village

    Visitors should experience the daily life of local people by living in one of the houses and getting involved in activities such as farming, which can be very interesting to learn about.

    Guests can immerse themselves in the work as well as spending their free time with the locals. As everyone is living together they may participate in the musical side of life, maybe the preparation for an upcoming festival or a birthday party for one of the elders. It is great to see for themselves how the indigenous people here weave brocade, make corn wine and build canoes. Enjoying the ethnic dishes cooked by the people themselves is also one of the great things to do in Pac Ngoi village.

    Entertainment in the village

    In the spring, you are immersed in the colours of the Ba Be Lake Festival held on January 9 and 10 every year. A typical cultural space takes place in the mudflats in the middle of the lake. The cultural quintessence of the ethnic groups in Bac Kan province with the vibrant colours of the costumes, and the attractive taste of the mountainous cuisine such as bamboo shoots, wood ear, banh xeo,. sky cakes, and dyed eggs can be found. Especially, during the festival, visitors can participate in traditional games such as: boat racing, throwing dragons, wrestling, archery, singing and dance performances.