Introduction to Nung Nang Commune 

Traveling to Nung Nang commune is an opportunity for visitors to admire the beautiful natural picture and experience the long-standing cultural features of the indigenous people.

Nung Nang commune tourism is the journey that visitors come to the beautiful Tam Duong district, to discover a commune located about 32 km east of the district center. Tam Duong district is no stranger to exploring feet, but the name Nung Nang is probably still new to many tourists.

If coming to Nung Nang for the first time, visitors will immediately feel the beauty of the simple, rustic nature of the mountains. The world here is wild, fresh and pure, in contrast to the busy and bustling cities. There are no luxurious high-rise buildings, here welcomes you with quiet, simple houses, so rustic and peaceful.

Cultural information 

Nung Nang commune has a large natural area, is the residence of more than 2,600 Mong people with traditional cultural beauty preserved for many generations. This is a Northwest highland commune, mainly developing agriculture and forestry, keeping the whole majestic and fresh natural scenery.


Transport to Nung Nang Commune 

Traveling to Nung Nang commune is a journey that visitors come to the beautiful Tam Duong district, to discover a commune located about 32 km east of Tam Duong district center and about 4 km from the center of Lai Chau province.


What’s good to eat in Nung Nang Commune 

Lai Chau is an extremely beautiful land that attracts many tourists to visit. Thinking of Lai Chau, you will immediately think of famous dishes such as dried pork, kitchen buffalo meat, or rare herbs. Besides, Lai Chau land is also famous for many kinds of tea. It has a very sweet and delicious taste.

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    Tips for your stay in Nung Nang Commune 

    Nung Nang commune is quite large with many wild beautiful scenes, including small villages hidden in the old forest, deep behind the cat ears rock cliffs. If you want to go deeper, go further, you should ask people to get directions to avoid getting lost.


    Entertainment in Nung Nang Commune 

    If you don't know what to do in Lai Chau, go to Nung Nang commune to walk around the village roads, see the solid stone fences of the Mong's house, go through the lush green corn fields, the immense rice fields, and so on. All the fields are full of yellow flowers every winter.

    Traveling to Nung Nang Lai Chau commune, visitors also have the opportunity to explore Chin Chu Chai cave - a beautiful cave of the commune. In addition, if you have time, go for a walk around the small streams in the commune - which provides water for the activities of living and farming of the indigenous people.

    Coming to visit Nung Nang Lai Chau, tourists who like to live virtually, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of this highland commune can also visit Nung Nang Tea - Located on the top of La Ti Phung, Nung Nang commune, Tam Duong district, this is the most beautiful location between Nung Nang and Lai Chau city. In addition to the reason for travel, many people also come to Tam Duong Tea Nung Nang to enjoy the delicious and sweet tea of the Northwest mountains. Those who love tea, love tea but once enjoying tea here will never forget that rustic taste. Here are the famous teas in Tam Duong Tea Nung Nang that are loved by many people such as chrysanthemum tea, rose tea, brown rice tea, and yellow chrysanthemum tea, ...