Introduction to the village

Cơ Tu – Nam Giang CBT is located in Nam Giang district, Quang Nam province. It is around 70km far from Danang City and Hoi An Ancient Town. The Cotu ethnic minority – an indigenous group, is living there for a long time ago.

A peaceful people, the Cotu of Vietnam are known as the “People of the Forest” because of their strong affinity with nature. They embrace centuries-old traditions and have preserved their own language, ceremonial worship, knowledge about medicinal herbs and forestry, and unique means of survival. Besides rearing animals and growing crops for consumption, the Cotu are also adept hunters and gatherers, a gift enhanced by their unique insight and experience in the jungle. They also have a keen aptitude for art, which can be seen in their intricated weaving and carving works. Importantly, the community is at the center of all Cotu life, and they have a strong spirit of sharing with each other. One of the 53 ethnic minority groups in Vietnam, the Cotu totaling 62,000 people lives mainly in Quang Nam and Thua Thien Hue provinces. In the midst of the Truong Son mountain range, the warm welcome of the Cotu people awaits you.

Cultural information

  • Assembly House – Guol

Each Cotu village has a Guol or community house at its center. This is the house where official village meetings are held and are also considered a common space for villagers to come together and mingle. The structure of the Guol is impressive – built on stilts with one main pillager at the center, these squarish–shaped huts are fully made of trees and bamboo yet are incredibly strong, namely because the villagers have poured their hearts into the Guol construction. The rectangular roof shape and stilts are distinctive to the Cotu village style, and the rest of the family houses are built around this communal house in a circular fashion.

  • Cotu Traditional Dance

The most commonly performed traditional dance of the Cotu is the “Tung tung ya ya”- a ceremonial dance to express gratitude to the gods in times of community festivals such as new crop time and new year. “Tung Tung” represents the dance of the men, who also wield their shields and spears, while “Ya Ya” is the dance of the women, who wear handwoven dresses. 

  • Cotu Traditional Weaving

Cotu weaving is traditional backstrap weaving. Cotu women use simplistic wooden instruments to weave clothing, which they position between their legs like a horizontal harp. They place the beads and weave them into the material using a small wooden pluck. The designs that result from this labor-intensive work include nature-inspired motifs such as stars or leaves, Cotu women weave in their spare time and it takes often a few months to finish one piece of clothing, The weaving items are made for family use or given as gifts an weddings. These days Cotu also produces and sells items such as bags and pouches. 


Transportation to the village
It will take visitors 2,5 hours to get to the village from Hoi An Ancient Town – a World Heritage by car; or visitors could go to the village from Danang City – the beautiful beach city in Central Vietnam by car.


What’s good to eat in the village 
Daily meals of the Cotu are very basic, often composed of either rice or cassava with vegetables they grow and small mollusks collected from shells in the river. Special occasions, however, include meals with pork, chicken, and sticky rice. Using bamboo to cook the sticky rice results in a unique and truly delicious flavor. The natural pepper and other spices collected from the forest also provide distinctive flavors to the food that made them well-worthy sampling.

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    Tourists have the opportunity to experience the Cotu lifestyle such as carrying wood in a basket, rice pounding, making animal traps, cutting wood, etc. Tourists will also enjoy learning and experiencing knitting and weaving. Tourists could feel how beautiful the music of the Cotu is and dancïng together with the Cotu in Cotu traditional dance "Tung tung ya ya". The Cotu traditional cuisine is unique and well worth sampling. Community house – Guol will be a curiosity for tourists to study the Cotu construction. Shopping for local specialties will bring tourists an interesting feeling. The warm smile of the Cotu awaits you in Quang Nam province.



    Entertainment in the village

    Strolling around the village will allow you to observe every Cotu life. Scenes such as a woman carrying a bundle of firewood on her back, a man weaving a rattan basket, an elderly person watching the beans dry in their yard, chicken and piglets wandering freely around and children playing excitedly are all very common. These typical scenarios emphasize the simple yet peaceful nature of the Cotu people. As you walk in the village, you will discover the charm of the colorful lives of the Cotu.

    Tours to experience the village

    The tour to Nam Giang – Cotu Ethnic Minority CBT is a package tour in order to let visitors experience the life and culture of the Cotu ethnic minority in the best manner. Therefore, it is required for tourists to book the tour through a partnership tourism company. Joining the tour, visitors could feel nature, touch the lives of local people there closely, and have the opportunity to experience Cotu ethnic minority culture such as traditional dancing, traditional cuisine, etc.

    At present, there are 2 kinds of tour programs: The Cotu Festival Tour and the Cotu village Exploring Tour 

    • Cotu Festival Tour: is for groups of 6 tourists and more. Visitors will visit 3-4 Cotu traditional villages to explore Cotu nature and traditional culture, experience Cotu traditional crafts, enjoy Cotu traditional cuisine, enjoy shopping local specialties and talk to villagers.
    • Cotu village Exploring tour: is with only 2-5 tourists. Visitors have the opportunity to trek in the village to observe and explore Cotu's nature & culture and enjoy light meals.