Introduction to Nam Dam Hamlet

Nam Dam village has a total of 60 households, housing 288 people all of whom are from the Dao Tram ethnic group. The local people here make their living mainly from agriculture.

The terrain is very rural and is a good mix of hills and fields, which makes for beautiful scenery. For people who love the outdoors and some serious adventure, this is a perfect place to take in the mountains, a lake and a waterfall.

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There is a step to shift the economic structure of agriculture, farming and the handling of livestock to tourism services such as accommodation, bathing with medicinal leaves and the selling of locally produced souvenirs.

In recent years, the village has received support from the state as well as official recognition from the Provincial People's Committee in both 2015 and 2019.


Cultural Information about Nam Dam Hamlet

Visitors can learn about the culture, customs, practices, and experience the daily life and work of the Dao ethnic group. Here, in Nam Dam you can even learn how to cook the local dishes and enjoy meals with the owners of the house. One of the most fascinating experiences is to discover more about the processing of medicinal herbs and find out what it feels like to bathe with those medicinal leaves of the Dao people.


Full name

Ly Ta Danh


Transport to Nam Dam

The best way to travel and explore Nam Dam is by car or motorbike, for the experienced rider. Nam Dam hamlet is located 5 km from the National Highway (4C), adjacent to Na Vin village in the north, Nam Son village in the south, Dong Ha commune in the east and then Truc Son village in the West.

Getting Around Nam Dam Hamlet
Located in Nam Dam village, the Nam Dam community cultural and tourism village is part of Quan Ba ​​commune, in Quan Ba ​​district.




What to eat in Nam Dam Hamlet

Typically you will enjoy meals like the locals do with dishes such as: coloured sticky rice, fresh local chicken, duck, grilled pork, carp, and even snails. You will often see the meat hanging in the kitchen in preparation for a feast.

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    Information about accommodation in Nam Dam Hamlet

    Currently, there are 26 properties providing accommodation services in the area. With over 80 bedrooms, totalling over 200 beds, you will be spoiled for choice. The houses all have beautiful grounds, landscape, and all the necessary sanitary works and expected support. You will find the bathrooms and toilets have been designed with needs of tourists in mind. The homestays and lodges are fully furnished, have running water and daily household cleaning. Below are the details of the names of the homestays.


    No Name of Residence Owners
    1 Homestay Dao lodge  
    2 Homestay Lý Tà Đạt Lý Tà Đạt
    3 Homestay Hồng Thu Lý Tà Hì
    4 Homestay Lý Quốc Thắng Lý Quốc Thắng
    5 Homestay Lý Tả Đanh Lý Tả Đanh
    6 Homestay Lý Tà Đành Lý Tà Đành
    7 Homestay Lý tà Dồn Lý tà Dồn
    8 Nặm Đăm Homestay Lý Quốc Lộc
    9 Homestay Lý Quốc Lộc Lý Quốc Lộc
    10 Homestay Lý Thị Chương Lý Thị Chương
    11 High Land Homestay Lý Tà Chánh
    12 Homestay Lý Tà Dào Lý Tà Dào
    13 Toong Homestay Lý Tà Dòng
    14 Homestay Lý Tà Hàn Lý Tà Hàn
    15 Homestay Lý Thị Chầu Lý Thị Chầu
    16 Homestay Lý Tà Chun Lý Tà Chun
    17 Homestay Lý Tà Quán Lý Tà Quán
    18 Homestay Lý Tà Nhùi Lý Tà Nhùi
    19 Homestay Lý Tà Quốc Lý Tà Quốc
    20 Homestay Lý Tà Ắn Lý Tà Ắn
    21 Homestay Lý Đại Thông Lý Đại Thông
    22 Pook Homestay Lý Thị Thím
    23 Homestay Lý Tà Đạch Lý Tà Đạch
    24 Homestay Lý Tà Thí Lý Tà Thí
    25 Homestay Lý Tà Nàm Lý Tà Nàm
    26 Homestay Phúc Thịnh Lý Phúc Thịnh



    Best things to do in Nam Dam Hamlet

    The village nestles in a small valley at the foot of the ‘Heaven Gate’ mountain, surrounded by primitive forests. Visitors to Nam Dam will be immersed in the amazing natural scenery of the village and can experience fishing by boat at Nam Dam lake, for the adventurous ones amongst you, why not conquer Thac Nai waterfall. The road there can be difficult, but once at the top, the scenery is breath-taking. 

    There are bookable tours that feature the highlights of Nam Dam and the surrounding area, which is quite impressive.


    Top tips for your stay in Nam Dam Hamlet

    An excellent way to get the most out of your visit to Nam Dam is to take a tour to learn more about the surroundings. We recommend either a 1 day or a 2 day tour.

    On the 1 day tour you will leave Ha Giang in the morning, go to Quan Ba, stop at Bac Xum to view the scenery and take pictures. Next you will visit ‘Heaven Gate’, admire the Co Tien Twin Mountains, and see the growing strawberries in Na Vin village on the way to visit the mini museum to learn the history and culture of the Dao ethnic people. This tour packs in a lot with a visit to the houses in the village, the fishing boat at Nam Dam Lake, all before Lunch. In the afternoon there will be a visit to Nai waterfall, walking and sightseeing in Truc Son village, Pan Ho, Hoang Lan, and Thach Son Than. More cultural experiences will take place in the evening where you can enjoy and participate in cultural and artistic activities in the village.

    There is also a delightful 2 day tour for those who want to stay for longer and immerse fully in to the natural and beautiful surroundings. This tour will depart from Nam Dam village and will include visits to Lung Khuy Cave, an Hmong village, Can Ty Linen Weaving Cooperative and Tam Son town, where dinner will be served. After an overnight stay in Nam Dam your second day will include a visit to Thanh Van commune to see the corn wine production, a visit to Hoa Mountain, in Cao Ma Po commune to learn and explore the life of the Chinese people in the commune. Next you will go to Tung Vai commune to visit the sturgeon farming area, visit the Dan village temple in Quyet Tien commune and visit the vegetable production area before heading back to Ha Giang.