Introduction to Mu Hamlet 

Mu Hamlet is a peaceful and beautiful village all year round with terraced fields, winding roads, and high and low mountain slopes hidden in the poetic white mist. This place has unspoiled beauty, and peace and is gradually developing tourism. In almost every corner of the village, visitors can also enjoy the scenery of the mountains and forests, watching the white clouds hovering on the top of the mountain. Thanks to its location at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level, Ban Mu has a cool and pleasant climate all year round.

Any season of the year is suitable to visit this village. If you like to watch the clouds spread all over the road, then winter will be suitable. If you want to see the rice terraces, come here in spring. And even in the summer, the Mu village also has a white fog, hovering around the village, bringing a cool and comfortable feeling. In winter, this place also has a sea of white clouds floating, with fog spreading all over the way, covering even the houses of people, painting a really poetic and fanciful picture.

Cultural information

Mong ethnic group in Yen Bai is one of the ethnic groups that still preserve many unique cultural nuances. These cultural values are always proud of, preserved, promoted and preserved by generations of the Mong people here with their love for their homeland. This is the place where 100% of the Mong ethnic people live.

The Mong people in Yen Bai have extremely rich and unique folk beliefs, in addition to worshiping their ancestors, within the house, they also worship a system of gods to protect the family and protect the members. In the house and material possessions according to folk concepts such as worshiping the god of wealth, the god of the house pillar, the god of the door "the god of the stove, the god of the kitchen cooking, the god of protection of the doctor (of families with the profession of male medicine),...

Along with the intangible culture, the Mong people in Yen Bai also have very unique types of material culture such as cuisine; residential architecture; traditional craft,...  It can be said that the life of the Mong people in Yen Bai is associated with folk songs, dances, musical instruments and community festivals held every year.


Transport to Mu Hamlet 

Ban Mu commune is located about 13km from the center of Tram Tau district. From Hanoi to Tram Tau is about 200km, you should run Noi Bai - Lao Cai highway to reach Yen Bai city. After that, everyone turns to Ba Khe and will reach Nghia Lo Town, Tram Tau district.

The road to Mu village has been built to be more convenient for travel. Therefore, you can ride a motorbike or a car as you like. However, because this village is not too far from the district center, perhaps using a motorbike will be more convenient for you to experience and explore.

If traveling to Mu village by motorbike, visitors can experience for themselves the small, winding concrete roads, running through the terraced fields at the foot of the hill. In the distance, there are swidden fields of indigenous people, there are houses hidden among the rice fields.


What’s good to eat in Mu Hamlet 

There are many delicious dishes here. Kitchen buffalo meat is a dish not to be missed when coming here. This dish is made from wild buffalo grazing on the hill, so the meat is extremely firm and fresh. Yen Bai people will marinate many different spices to create a pungent flavor combined with the chewy and fresh taste of wild buffalo meat to create a wonderful dish with a bold Northwest identity.

Cat apple is a famous specialty of this cool climate land. Apples are selected and soaked carefully for a long time to extract all the essences into the wine to make the bottle of apple cider more delicious, making visitors feel attached to this place. This wine has a characteristic aroma, full of sour, sweet, and bitter flavors with a rich mountain flavor. This wine is also very good for health, can reduce blood fat, lower blood pressure, and protect the liver,…

"Banh chung" is not only attractive by its fancy black color but also by its great taste. The plasticity of Tu Le sticky rice, and the fleshy taste of green beans mixed with the fatty taste of pork create an irresistible delicacy. In the past, this cake only appeared on holidays, Tet, ... but now it has become a specialty, a popular dish that tourists can easily find and buy to enjoy or as a gift

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    Entertainment in Mu Hamlet 

    Traveling to Mu Yen Bai village is also an opportunity for you to explore the clear waterfalls, relax for a walk in the green pine forest or have fun in the large empty fields in the village. In particular, visitors also have the opportunity to play with the cute children here, as if returning to the peaceful and clear childhood years.