Introduction to Luoc Village 

Ban Luoc belongs to Hoang Su Phi district, Ha Giang. Traveling to Ban Luoc, visitors will be able to walk on the roads and listen to the sound of the wind whispering in the branches. Satisfy your gaze with terraced fields of ripe, golden rice stretching across the mountainside. The sound of birdsong, the sound of flowing streams will help us to be at peace in our hearts, to immerse ourselves in the arms of mother nature. Ban Luoc is a land of terraced fields stretching to the horizon, guaranteed to give you many shimmering photos.

Nearly 16 km from the center of Hoang Su Phi district, San Sa Ho, adjacent to Ban Luoc is also an extremely convenient destination that you should also visit. It borders Tu Nhan commune to the North, Tu Nhan and Ban Luoc communes to the East, Ho Thau commune to the South, Po Ly Ngai commune to the West. Therefore, from here you can easily move to other communes of Hoang Su Phi.

If visitors have the opportunity to come here in the ripe rice season from about September to October, they will see prominently on the golden terraced fields, the rustic and simple stilt houses of the Nung and Tay ethnic people located at the back of the hill. They create a vivid picture of the land and people here. Coming here, visitors will enjoy the unique cuisine, and the unique cultural features of the Nung ethnic group, accounting for 80% of the commune's population. Besides, you can also learn the traditional spinning and weaving techniques of the Tay ethnic group.


Transport to Luoc Village 

If you go from the Tuyen Quang direction, you will reach Highway 2 in Ha Giang territory about 50km, you will see Tan Quang fork in Bac Quang district. At this time, if you turn left, you will go to Hoang Su Phi, and if you go straight, you will come to Ha Giang city. After turning left, now you just need to run straight and you will start to see the terraced fields appear under the misty mist in the early morning. This is the signal that you have reached the area of Nam Ty, Thong Nguyen already! Now you just need to keep running straight and you'll be there. The areas in Hoang Su Phi are quite similar, so be careful not to be mistaken.


What’s good to eat in Luoc Village 

When coming to Luoc village, please don't forget to enjoy the special dishes here! This place not only has beautiful terraced fields but also has great delicacies for you to enjoy. Among them, it can be mentioned as “com lam” with sesame salt, field carp, Hoang Su Phi sticky rice, or rat meat. Some dishes may sound a little scary, but with the cooking techniques of the people of the Northeast, you don't need to worry too much!

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    Entertainment in Luoc Village 

    The most unique in both Ban Luoc and San Sa Ho is definitely the terraced fields in the ripe rice season. At this time, the whole valley sky is dyed a golden color of ripe rice. You should check the review first to guess the time to come here when the rice is ripe and the people have not yet harvested it. 

    Standing from above, you will see a vivid picture of nature with terraced fields peeking out from behind the pale clouds, and looming wooden roofs. As expected, it is one of the national heritages of terraced fields in Hoang Su Phi. More especially, on the way to Ban Luoc, you will pass by the huts built by the people, and you can see the whole beautiful terraced space. You can ask permission to take pictures completely free of charge.

    The time when Ban Luoc - San Sa Ho is most poetic and radiant is probably when the rice is ripe. At this time, the whole village was filled with yellow color, even more, colorful under the highland sunshine. The whole valley becomes sparkling with the color of abundance, the color of the local people's harvest.

    You should come here around early to mid-September to see the whole ripe golden rice field that has not been harvested. If it is too late, the people will have finished harvesting all the rice, and the whole field will have only the dark gray color of mud.

    In addition, you also avoid going in the rainy season months. At this time, not only the road is slippery and difficult to go, but the risk of rock slide is also very large, and extremely dangerous to travel on the pass.