Introduction to Lung Cam Cultural Tourism Village

Lung Cam Cultural Tourism Village is home to many typical cultural features of the Mong ethnic group and is located in the centre of the valley in Sung La commune, Dong Van district. There are 3 ethnic groups; Lo Lo, Mong and Han all living here. People living in the village in Lung Cam cultural and tourism village still grow vegetables, buckwheat, beans and woven flax. This place is also considered one of the most beautiful villages of the white H'mong people with many ancient houses of ancient architecture, with a history of up to 100 years.

Coming to Lung Cam cultural and tourist village, you will see the typical beauty of the rocky plateau with mountain ranges, flower gardens which show off their colours and the lush green corn fields. Cool, green trees supplying shade for the residents of the hundred-year-old ancient houses and the brocade costumes of highland boys and girls are shimmering and colourful.

Cultural Information 

From village design, the houses, farming styles or the customs and habits of the Mong people in Lung Cam village, they are characterised by the traditional culture of the Mong people in the highlands.  Compared to the French colonial period, there was only one crop in a year, mainly poppy and corn. At this time, this place was also known as the "opium valley" of the Dong Van rock plateau. Nowadays, the Lung Cam Village no longer grows opium, but instead grows rice, corn, flowers, buckwheat, fruit trees, and vegetables, which provides food for daily life of the villagers here.

The old houses in Lung Cam are roofed with yin and yang tiles. Over time, layers of green moss have gradually covered the tiled roofs of houses giving them a distinct look. The homes in the village have been there for up to 100 years, showing the strong construction techniques that were made to last.. When visitors come to Lung Cam cultural and tourist village they will be able to see the wall folds, in addition to these old houses that are preserved intact. The local people of Lung Cam still preserve many cultural aspects of their heritage, expressed in customs and traditions or in traditional festivals.

Lung Cam cultural and tourism village is also attractive because of its rustic, simple and friendly features. From the chimes and drums kept by the indigenous people and passed on verbally from generation to generation or through folk melodies.


Transport to Lung Cam Cultural Tourism Village

To get to Lung Cam cultural and tourist village from Hanoi, you need to go to Ha Giang city, either by car or personal motorbike. You can also travel from Hanoi to Ha Giang by bus from My Dinh bus station. If you choose a private vehicle to get to Ha Giang from Hanoi, you should follow Highway 2 from Hanoi, via Vinh Phuc then Tuyen Quang to Ha Giang city. On arriving in the city, many visitors will rent a motorbike and ride about 120 km in the direction of Yen Minh to Dong Van old town. Lung Cam cultural and tourist village is 25 km north of Dong Van district, near National Highway 4C, right on Highway 4C you will see signposts to the famous Lung Cam cultural and tourist village.


What’s good to eat in Lung Cam Cultural Tourism Village?

The dishes which can be enjoyed at Lung Cam cultural tourism village include dishes made from dried beef, chicken, black pig, and mountain vegetables. There are local drinks of highland wine such as rice wine or corn wine. Visitors will have lots of choice of food and drink to enjoy with their friends and family.

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    Top Tips for your stay in Lung Cam

    • Experienced tourists should prepare lightweight, not cumbersome, luggage so that, during the journey to visit Lung Cam cultural village, everything will be easily carried and not difficult to keep all the belongings together.. 
    • If you have a lot of time to visit, you should wear comfortable clothes with cool materials and a pair of comfortable shoes that will be suitable for moving around the campus of Lung Cam cultural village.
    • Visitors should also note that they should equip themselves with necessary items when travelling such as sunscreen, hats, thin raincoats, umbrellas in case the weather may be rainy or sunny.
    • Prepare some personal medical supplies such as some types of bandages or topical medications that will be useful for you, in case of needing first aid when scratching the skin during the tour.
    • The beautiful costumes of the local ethnic people will make your social media check-ins much more attractive, but do ask for the price before renting and take care of your personal belongings when you change your clothes to avoid forgetting them, or prevent theft.
    • The process of visiting Lung Cam cultural village should pay attention to keeping the general hygiene, not littering indiscriminately to lose the landscape, as well as not arbitrarily breaking branches to pick flowers or using items without the permission of the homeowner.

    Best things to do in Lung Cam Cultural Tourism Village

    At each time of the year, this place is covered with different colours of the natural beauty of the mountains and forests surrounding the rich, warm and unusual villages. To experience the great beauty here, you should visit Lung Cam Cultural Village during the plum blossom and apricot blossom season in early spring from December to March. The weather is cool and airy when autumn comes from September to November every yea