Introduction to Lo Lo Chai village

At the foot of Lung Cu National Flag Tower, in Ha Giang, is the country’s North Pole in Lung Cu commune, Dong Van district, there is a miraculous village. It is often depicted in legends and its name is Lo Lo Chai. The village is nestled in the rocky plateau of Ha Giang province and considered one of the most remote villages in the north of the country. Visitors to the village can easily spot the flagpole, which is about 1.4km away. The Lo Lo Chai village offers some wonderful sightseeing; green colours falling into the rocky mountains surround the area, where evidence of the unique culture and architecture can be seen.

The main road, which leads into the village centre, is full of daisies. Visitors should take the road at a leisurely pace and see the village. The familiar Trinh Tuong (earthen) houses appear after the stone fences, with maize hung on the houses and peach trees growing in the front. Near to the village is a large natural lake where the air feels fresh. Because the mountainous terrain can be difficult to navigate, especially in the winter when there is frequent bad weather, locals live in a self-sufficient way by growing maize, rice, and vegetables.

This area still bears the cultural imprints of the Lo Lo ethnic minority, which makes up around 90% of the population. They constructed numerous homes with mud walls, clay tile roofs, and stone fences. The tiled roofs are located close to each other, creating an idyllic and peaceful looking landscape.

Cultural information

The Lo Lo people’s cultural, material and spiritual values have been fully and vividly maintained. Visitors can see traditional crafts such as embroidery and carpentry. 

The local people here, celebrate traditional festivities, including worshiping the forest god, a rice festival, a new house celebration, and folk dances.

People in the Lo Lo Chai village believe that life is difficult, but no matter how difficult, the chickens and pigs are indispensable animals in the Festival of Peace. They believe that during that time the chickens are close and friendly animals which will bring luck to the villagers.

Each Lo Lo village shares a sacred forest, which is forbidden to be cut down. The people believe that the forest is the place where the gods live, where the water source is kept for the people of the village. In Lo Lo hamlet there are shady old trees that people consciously preserve, creating their own natural landscape of Lo Lo villages.

Top Tips for your stay in Lo Lo Chai Village

Coming to Lo Lo Chai village, tourists should try on the colorful traditional costumes sewed and carefully made by the Lo Lo women. The costumes are hand-embroidered with elaborate motifs such as bird's eye, bird's foot, bird's wings, paddy terraces, and buckwheat flowers. Why not get that perfect Instagram photo when you check in at the most beautiful and important spots such as milestones 426, 428 or 476.



Transport to Lo Lo Chai Village

Lo Lo Chai village is located in Lung Cu Commune, Dong Van District, Ha Giang, in Vietnam.

The distance between Ha Giang city and Lo Lo Chai village is about 150 km (93 miles). It takes about 4.5 hours to travel by motorbike or car. From Ha Giang city, you can head toward QL4C in the direction of Dong Van. However, you’ll need to turn slightly left onto National Flagpole Road – look for the sign for Lung Cu People Commune Committee. Continue about 27 km more, and you’ll reach Lo Lo Chai village. It’s about a 1 hour trip from the intersection (the sign).

Getting around the area 

Once you are in your destination of Lo Lo Chai Village the favoured method for getting around the immediate area is to go on foot, so bring your comfortable shoes!


What’s good to eat in Lo Lo Chai Village?

This lovely fairy-tale-like village still contains countless interesting cuisines. With the cool climate of Lo Lo Chai, there is nothing better than sitting around the black chicken hot pot, sipping a cup of corn wine. Visitors can also try meat skewers, men men, la lanh, chicken, black pork, buffalo meat and buckwheat flower wine here!

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    Information about accommodation in Lo Lo Chai

    In Lo Lo Chai, the homestays are traditional, with communal living areas, bedrooms, and restrooms. People have modified their houses slightly in order to comfortably accommodate visitors. The rooms display ancient Lo Lo relics, creating a sense of familiarity and friendliness. People offer an attentive and welcoming service, making it a plus point for the village.


    Best Things to do in Lo Lo Chai Village

    Each season in Lo Lo Chai village carries its own beauty; summers can bring cool temperatures and freshness, autumn is the time when the rice fields ripen. Winter is the most beautiful season, when you can find yourself getting lost in the charm of this place. At this time of the year, the sky becomes clearer, and the weather is cold with a cool, comfortable atmosphere for tourists to enjoy. Although winter is harsh, it is still enough to make people feel warm when sitting around the fire, sipping on wine, and chatting with the locals.  Spring is the season when tourists can enjoy their time relaxing and taking beautiful pictures with the gorgeous cherry blossom trees in Lo Lo Chai village. Visitors who arrive around New Year will also have a chance to experience the most memorable of New Year’s Eves.