Introduction to Kon Bring Village

Kon Bring Community Tourism Village is one of four major tourist villages in Kon Plong district. This is the living place of the M'Nam ethnic group. With many features such as the architecture of the Krong house, the stilt houses or the gong dances of the Central Highlands, this is a tourist village that attracts a lot of young people who come to enjoy and learn about the culture.

Like Kon Kotu village, Kon Bring village has a peaceful, simple and rustic beauty with wooden houses and customs with the identity of the M'Nam people. Around Kon Bring community tourism village, there are many stories of the M'Nam ethnic group as well as interesting legends about Mang Den.

Kon Bring Community Tourism Culture Village is a collection of traditional stilt houses next to the towering Krong roof in the centre of the village. Beneath the smoke, gently drifting through the Mang Den pine forests scented with new resin, Kon Bring Community Tourism Village appears as a magical, sparkling space enveloping the life of the M'Nam people.

Cultural Information

Gong Culture: The Central Highlands gongs are a unique cultural feature that visitors should enjoy when coming to this area. This is a long-standing beautiful culture not only of the M'Nam community in particular but also of the ethnic minority community in the Central Highlands in general.

The space of gongs is often associated with festivals. The sound of this instrument is low, sometimes high, and melodious throughout a vast mountainous region. Only the gongs that are played in the Central Highlands have the best sound. Everything from musical instruments, sounds, people and mountains of the Central Highlands constitutes to the beauty of the Central Highlands Gong Cultural Space.



Transport to Kon Bring Village 

By car or motorbike:

- From Saigon, you follow the QL14 route through Binh Phuoc, Dak Nong, Buon Ma Thuot to reach Kon Tum.

- From Hanoi, you can follow the Ho Chi Minh trail to go to Mang Den or drive all the way there, you can also go to the Indochina junction first and go to Mang Den, via Kon Tum city.

Public transport:

- The fastest way to Kon Tum is by plane, the nearest airport to Kon Tum city centre is the Pleiku airport of Gia Lai province, about 40km away. Currently, all domestic airlines have direct flights to Pleiku, flights from Hanoi and Saigon tend to be cheaper than flights from Hai Phong and    Da Nang.

- If you depart from Saigon or Da Nang, you can take a sleeper bus to Kon Tum this is obviously a cheaper alternative to taking a plane.

- Bus from Saigon to Mang Den: From Saigon, there are a number of bus operators that run directly to Mang Den with a running time of about 14 hours. For those who do not want to stop by Kon Tum, you can book these buses, departing from the bus station.

Getting around the area

Looking down from the Pine Hills along Highway 24, Kon Bring stands out with the sky-high roof of its communal house poking out of the middle of the green forest. Surrounding the communal house are small beautiful stilt houses lined up one after another. Many small streams flow through the village connecting the surrounding mountainous terrain and pine forest.


What’s good to eat in Kon Bring Village?

Cooking experience with locals is one of the recommended activities to get involved in while you are Kon Bring Village. Visitors can enjoy culinary experiences which are specific to this area. Cooking Classes are becoming more popular with many of the visitors who will learn how to make dishes which are rich in flavours of the Central Highlands. The famous grilled chicken with lam rice has such a delicious taste.

Other local specialty dishes  include com lam, grilled pork skewers and xuyen tieu hot pot.

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    Best things to do in Kon Bring Village

    Visit the unique architecture of the Krong house: The Krong house in Kon Bring bears the typical imprint of the Krong houses in the Central Highlands. With a towering roof, standing in the middle of a corner of the sky, the Krong house is like a cultural symbol of the people here. From a distance, the roof of Krong is majestic like an axe raised in the middle of Kon Tum, suggesting a sense of pride.

    According to the traditions handed down, the Krong house was built with such a high roof for the sacred convergence of heaven and earth, as a connecting space between humans and gods. The Krong house is used by the community for common purposes, organising meetings or welcoming guests to the village.