Introduction to Kin Chu Phin Village 

Located deep in the valley, in the middle of a large hill, square roofs covered with grass over time have been covered with a layer of moss into giant "mushroom" houses, Kin Chu Phin village attracts many visitors to come and admire this unique and strange beauty. Kin Chu Phin is a small village located in the most remote and high mountainous area of Nam Pung commune, Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province, bordering China. This place is crowded with Red Dao and Ha Nhi ethnic people living.

Kin Chu Phin is about 10km from the center of Nam Pung commune (Bat Xat). At an altitude of 1,000m above sea level, the air in Kin Chu Phin in winter, the temperature is low, and there is a time when snow covers a corner of the sky. Kin Chu Phin is a village of the Dao people. With the harsh weather typical of the Northwest highlands, the "mushroom houses" represent the unique architecture of houses of ethnic minorities here, helping people cope with the cold of the highland winter, but still airy and completely cool in the summer. From a distance, the houses in the village are like “giant mushrooms” growing from the ground. 

Because of the erratic climate, the people here often have the habit of storing a lot of firewood for cooking and heating in the winter. Therefore, when choosing a wife, the Ha Nhi boys all notice that if a house has a lot of firewood, the girl in that house must be very hardworking. It is not difficult for visitors to see the image of Ha Nhi women in traditional blue costumes with their backs to a large, heavy firewood basket. Although tired, every time they see tourists passing by, they always have a friendly smile.



Transport to  Kin Chu Phin Village

Kin Chu Phin is a small village located in the most remote and high mountainous area of Nam Pung commune, Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province, and about 10km from the center of Nam Pung commune.


What’s good to eat in  Kin Chu Phin Village

Like many other lands, when visiting Kin Chu Phin, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy many unique specialties that cannot be found everywhere.

- During the rainy season around April - May, shiitake mushrooms will appear in the forest, and local people will pick mushrooms to sell in restaurants or dry them for tourists to easily bring back as gifts when traveling to Kin Chu Phin village. With a delicious mushroom flavor, unique characteristics will surely make you unforgettable the first time you enjoy it.

- Referring to the delicious dishes at Kin Chu Phin, Ha Nhi beer is a specialty drink not to be missed, different from the taste of all other beers. This beer is produced by the Ha Nhi people according to the traditional recipe with a combination of fresh forest fruits. After a period of incubation, you can drink it directly and do not need to worry about headaches.

- In Kin Chu Phin village, the traditional Thang Co dish made from the human flesh of the Mong people is very popular. With the combination of meat and offal and the right spices, this dish is also highly appreciated by many visitors.

- Brassica oleracea is a fairly common vegetable in the Northwest with its dark green color, which is easy to eat. This vegetable is usually prepared by stir-frying, boiling, or eating with hot pot dishes. These dishes are both delicious, nutritious, and healthy.

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    Information about accommodation in  Kin Chu Phin Village

    If you have come here, and want to fully admire the beauty and culture of Kin Chu Phin, you can ask to stay with the local people for one night to learn about their daily life and activities. After a full night of sleep, waking up early in the morning, visitors can watch the sunrise to start a new day in the village. The sun slowly rises from the top of the mountain, brilliant as an egg yolk mixed with white clouds floating along with the first rays of sunlight to start a new day creating beautiful colors.


    Entertainment in  Kin Chu Phin Village

    Every morning of the cold winter, when the misty slopes drift across the valley, Kin Chu Phin village suddenly appears behind the enchanting sea of clouds. The rustic mushroom houses lying quietly in the midst of the highlands create a very unique charm for Kin Chu Phi - the highland of the Northwest.

    Traveling to Lao Cai, and visiting Kin Chu Phin, in addition to admiring the "mushroom houses" of the Northwest highlands, visitors also have the opportunity to experience the national cultural identities of the Ha Nhi community. Walking around the village, chatting with the people, enjoying the taste of Ha Nhi people's beer and a simple meal under the roof, visitors will feel the idyllic and pristine features of both landscape and culture here.

    After the harvest, the landscape of Kin Chu Phin is peaceful with horses grazing on the terraced fields. In the distance, rolling, dark green mountains rise to the sky, as beautiful as a great oil painting of nature. There are early mornings, the sun slowly rises over the top of the mountain like the yolk of a giant chicken egg. The sea of clouds floating in the valley is illuminated by the first rays of the sun into a river of clouds with many beautiful colors. At that time, the sky and the ground seemed to be closer together, giving us the feeling of being in the middle of a cloud heaven or somewhere.