Introduction to Khuoi My Hamlet 

Exploring Khuoi My village is surely an unforgettable experience for visitors. Although this village is not too far from the center of Ha Giang city, it contains many interesting things, from the landscape to the people and activities that you can experience.

Khuoi My is located in a place with terrain about 500 to 800 meters above sea level with its back leaning against the Tay Con Linh range. Therefore, even if you come here at any time of the year, you can feel the fresh, airy and pleasant atmosphere.

Behind the village is the majestic Tay Con Linh mountain range, which adorns the picture here more magnificently. In particular, this is also the place to plant a lot of terraced fields, the beautiful scenery can be compared with Hoang Su Phi, Mu Cang Chai, ...

Because it is located in a high terrain, when walking in this village, visitors will feel the cool and pleasant atmosphere. Partly thanks to the high terrain, partly thanks to the mountains and vast rice fields here. In Khuoi My village, people plant terraced fields along the mountainside to the valley, everywhere is a green color of new rice.

The terraced fields here are the livelihood of generations of Dao and Tay ethnic people. Besides cultivating terraced fields, the people also dig small ponds to raise fish right next to their houses. The water source for fish farming is also led directly from the mountain stream, so it is always renewed. The fish farmed here is also usually much bigger with those that sometimes weigh up to 3.4 kg, which is very normal.

Cultural information

Explore Khuoi My village to see that Ha Giang is really beautiful, beautiful in each land and village. This is the residence area of the Dao and Tay people, they live in simple wooden houses on stilts with palm-roofed roofs. Over time, the moss-covered palm roof exudes an ancient beauty.


Transport to Khuoi My Hamlet 

Only about 12km from the center of Ha Giang city, but to be able to get to Khuoi My, you will have to struggle a bit because this place even searching the address on google maps is very difficult to go to. If you want to do the Khuoi My Discovery Schedule in the ripe rice season, you will need the help of the map and the guidance of the local people.

If you want to fully enjoy the Khuoi My discovery schedule in the ripe rice season, you should leave early to catch the impressive sunrise here. Taking Ha Giang bus station as a starting point, you can run the machine along the beautiful wide double road towards Thanh Thuy Ha Giang Border Gate. From the border gate area, you turn left and go along a concrete road leading straight into the mountain.


What’s good to eat in Khuoi My Hamlet 

In particular, the Dao and Tay people in the village also treat tourists with many delicious dishes imbued with indigenous cultural identities such as sour pork, “banh chung”, cassava sticky rice, incense frog, lam rice, dried buffalo meat, etc. Each dish with its unique flavor contributes to creating a special culinary mark for the land of Ha Giang.

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    Information about accommodation in Khuoi My Hamlet 

    Ethnic groups living around these three villages are mostly Dao and Tay people. They often live in low-slope areas and in wooden stilt houses with palm-roofed roofs. Among them are houses built spaciously and firmly with the roof covered with a layer of moss, that alone is enough to say the old age of those houses. If in the past, houses of ethnic minorities were simply wooden stilt houses with palm roofs, now there are a few houses with modern corrugated iron roofs, interspersed and scattered built with fiber cement around the village.

    Going inside the village, above the folds of the people's houses, you can see the image of tile roofs covered with green moss, bringing a sense of antiquity, mystery and strange attraction. Looking at the layers of moss, you can guess the age of the house. Although many households in the village today have changed their thatched roofs to red corrugated iron roofs, most of the roofs in the village are still covered with a characteristic moss color as a mark of an ancient culture in the Northeast highlands.

    Tips for your stay in Khuoi My Hamlet 

    The outstanding time to visit Khuoi My is during the pouring water season in mid-May, June and the ripening rice season in late September and early October.


    Best Things to do in Khuoi My Hamlet 

    Coming to Khuoi My, in addition to enjoying the wild and mysterious beauty of nature, you can also directly participate in discovering the lives of the people here. You can directly go to collect cardamom, harvest rice or harvest Shan Tuyet tea on the tea forests stretching on the slopes of Tay Con Linh range.

    If you have the opportunity to explore Khuoi My village in the early morning, you will catch the moment when the sun rises in the east, shining golden rays on the rice fields.

    Traveling to Ha Giang in general and going to Khuoi My village in particular is the most wonderful in the ripe rice season. This is the time when the rice begins to turn from bright green to golden yellow.