Introduction to Hua Tat Village 

Hua Tat village is located in Van Ho commune, Van Ho district, Son La province. Hua Tat, in the Mong language, means the end of the land. People named it so to mark the boundary of the place where the Mong and Thai people lived in the past. On one side is the boulevard, the other is a high cliff, Hua Tat village is nestled in the middle, peaceful and quiet between the land of Van Ho and thousands of apricot and plum flowers.

The peace of Hua Tat is reflected right from the entrance to the village with houses made in the traditional style of the H'mong ethnic group, surrounded by green peach and plum orchards, and in the distance are brilliant yellow mustard greens and vegetable gardens. At the courtyard of the village's House of Culture, a few Hmong girls in colorful dresses are huddled together, chatting and laughing. On the side of the stadium, children are playing spinning, and jumping rope in the afternoon sun. 

Cultural information

Hua Tat village has about 60 households, and nearly 800 Mong people in Van Ho commune, Van Ho district, Son La province. Hua Tat village is one of the rare community tourism villages that still retain the special traditional culture of the Mong ethnic group. In the middle of the village, visitors will encounter a hut with two Hmong men working in traditional blacksmithing. It was Mr. Trang A Cho, the village elder of the village and a famous blacksmith. He started working as a blacksmith at the age of 30, mainly forging tools such as knives, hoes, and shovels...

After many years of working in the profession, now, he mainly forges knives for sale. Forged knives have high sharpness and durability, and are ordered by people in many other places. The younger man was a worker helping him with charcoal and a blower. Despite his advanced age, forging requires health, but Mr. Trang A Cho always tries to maintain the blacksmithing profession, imparts experience, encourages his descendants to learn the trade, and contributes to preserving the traditional blacksmithing profession of the Mong people.

Visiting any Hmong family in the village, visitors can see with their own eyes the old corn mills, rice mills, and rice cake mills. Although the village has had electricity for a long time, milling machines, television... all are enough, but many houses still keep those items and jobs as a traditional beauty of the nation, creating a unique cultural beauty. separate, not everywhere. Many homeowners are also enthusiastic to guide guests if they want to learn how to grind rice, grind corn, blow the Mong flute...


Transport to Hua Tat Village

Located more than 130km from Ha Noi's capital, Hua Tat village in Van Ho commune, Van Ho district, Son La province is attractive by its unspoiled natural beauty mixed in with the culture of the Mong ethnic group.


What’s good to eat in Hua Tat Village

Tourists will have the opportunity to enjoy special dishes of the Mong people such as black-bone chicken, stream fish, ban pig, wild vegetables,... Coming to Hua Tat without trying grilled minced meat with dong leaves wasted all the way.

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    Information about accommodation in Hua Tat Village

    The impressive point for every visitor near and far every occasion coming here is that the houses in the village are made in the traditional way, the ground floor wooden house style, around the house, are green vegetable gardens with many kinds of trees such as apricots, plums, and peaches are blooming every spring.

    There are currently 5 homestays serving tourist accommodation services, notably homestay A Chu - which has received the ASEAN Homestay Award 2019 for excellent cities, destinations, hotels and tourism businesses of ASEAN at the ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF) 2019.


    Entertainment in Hua Tat Village

    Coming to Hua Tat, visitors can easily visit the surrounding attractive places such as experience pine hill, visit Dai Yem waterfall, or Fairy Waterfall. Hua Tat village has 199.52ha of natural forest, especially 20ha of pine forest over 10 years old, which is always preserved by people living around the area. This is also a place that brings a poetic look to the village, making visitors excited about the community tourism development strategy. In this beautiful pine forest in Son La, everything is quiet and unspoiled, only the smell of soil, plants and cool, pleasant air. This place is almost completely separate from the hustle and bustle outside, leaving only peace and relaxation.

    Besides wearing the colorful brocade costumes of the Mong people, where visitors have the opportunity to experience a number of activities in the daily life of the people such as making sticky rice from corn kernels,...In the evening, visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the unique Hmong cultural space with the tunes and flutes performed by the people of Hua Tat village.

    The H'Mong people have two most important Tet holidays: the Independence New Year with the people of the country, which takes place on September 2 every year, and the traditional Tet of the people, which takes place one month before the Kinh people. These days, your stadium is filled with laughter and colorful costumes. Traditional games: throwing pounding, spinning, playing head pounding, stick wrestling, dragon hatching eggs…. recreated in the festival, tourists can also participate, very joyful and interesting.