Introduction to Hoang Su Phi 

Hoang Su Phi is located in Ha Giang province, every time the rice season is ripe, this place attracts many tourists. When traveling to Ha Giang, no one can ignore the beautiful beauty of terraced fields in Hoang Su Phi. The array of colors lying on the precarious mountain ranges, gently hugging the undulating rock slope like enchanting smooth lines. The long-term geological formation and local weathering on the bedrock have created fertile soil with various soil resources. 

Hoang Su Phi is recognized as a National Monument by the wide ladder, beautiful and fascinating. Hoang Su Phi step ladder is a masterpiece created from the hands of hard labor, sweat, and brain of the working people. 


Transport to  Hoang Su Phi 

To get to Hoang Su Phi, you need to move to Ha Giang first. After reaching Ha Giang, move along Highway 2 to Tan Quang and turn into DT177 to go to Hoang Su Phi. Or you can follow the route to Thanh Thuy border gate, go through Tay Con Linh then you will reach Hoang Su Phi.


What’s good to eat in  Hoang Su Phi 

The delicious dishes in Hoang Su Phi are similar to famous dishes in Ha Giang such as sour pork, cassava sticky rice, and “com lam”,... but only rat meat is considered a specialty in Hoang Su Phi and not everywhere in Ha Giang. From mouse meat, many delicious dishes can be made, with many different flavors, but the most outstanding dishes are Grilled mouse, stir-fried mouse, and kitchen mouse, …

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    Information about accommodation in  Hoang Su Phi 

    Previously, if traveling to Hoang Su Phi, usually visitors would have to find a place to stay in the center of Ha Giang city. But in recent years, Hoang Su Phi has become a famous tourist destination in Ha Giang, so it is not too difficult to find a place to stay.

    Top tips for you to stay in Hoang Su Phi 

    Hoang Su Phi is a mountainous district with strongly fragmented terrain, so there are many different climates, soils, and natural landscapes. For that reason, when traveling to this place, you should choose the right time to come here:

    • Spring is the ideal time for those who love to discover the unique festivals of Hoang Su Phi. This is also an opportunity for virtual believers to check in with peach, pear and tea plantations.
    • Around mid-April to June is the rice transplanting season. Coming to Hoang Su Phi in this season, you will admire the vast rice fields that follow each other from one mountain range to another.
    • From mid-September every year, the ripe rice season begins in the northern mountainous provinces in general and Hoang Su Phi terraced fields in particular. This is the best stage for those who love to take pictures and live virtually in the golden terraced fields.
    • At the end of the year, when entering winter in the North. If you don't mind the cold, you can go to Hoang Su Phi to explore Tay Con Linh and Chieu Lau Thi to hunt clouds and snow.

    Entertainment in  Hoang Su Phi 

    Discovering the beauty of the ripe season in Hoang Su Phi is an important and indispensable experience in the trip. With the majestic natural scenery, the terraced fields stretch, winding around the hillside, the back of the mountain, creating soft curves. The golden color of the ripe yellow rice, covering the mountains and hills, is like putting on a new shirt. Along with that, the peaceful scenery of the villages, the experiences of crossing the forest, and crossing streams will bring you many memorable experiences.

    Unlike Mu Cang Chai or Y Ty, the terraces in Hoang Su Phi are taller and steeper, so the scenery when the water is falling is even more majestic. From May to July every year, entering the new rice season; The people will take advantage of the water to cultivate. Each water swept all over the path, covering the whole valley, turning Hoang Su Phi into a giant mirror that reflected the sky and sparkling sun rays.

    Hoang Su Phi rice season only has one crop every year, from September to October. This is the best time for you to fully explore the magical beauty of this place. The golden rice fields are iridescent, gently shaking; in the breeze is the scent of fresh aromatic rice.