Introduction to Hau Thao commune

Beautiful Sapa has long become a tourist paradise in the North of our country. This place with a variety of tourism, entertainment, sightseeing, and resort services, ... has created a bustling and vibrant destination. But that's just the central area. Because the suburbs of Sapa town have a different impression, quieter, quieter, and more rustic. If you don't believe it, try once to visit Hau Thao commune - which is just over 10 km from Sapa.

In Hau Thao, visitors can find the intact beauty of the Northwest mountains, watching the traditional houses nestled between terraced fields and green corn fields. Coming here, visitors can wander around the trails connecting the villages to admire the scenery, and to meet the gentle and affable indigenous people.

Hau Thao commune in Sapa is a highland commune with a large concentration of Mong ethnic people. This place is still quite wild, life is very simple. If Sapa impresses with its solid house, high-class hotels, and resorts, Hau Thao commune attracts visitors with its simple and simple houses. 

When visiting Hau Thao commune in Sapa, visitors can immerse themselves in the beautiful natural picture and see the local people working hard. It is not difficult for you to see a Hmong woman wearing a basket working hard on the hillside or see babies with innocent and pure smiles when meeting tourists.

Life and tourism here have not yet developed strongly, but that does not mean that nature is less beautiful. It is the rustic houses of the Mong people that add to the beautiful scenery of the mountains, fields or valleys. Although there are still many difficulties in daily life, Hau Thao is an ideal place to hunt clouds and admire the scenery.



Transport to Hau Thao commune

Hau Thao commune is located in the Sapa district, about 25 km from the town center. From the town, you go in the direction of Y Linh Ho, to Ta Van village, go through bamboo forest, and then Su Pan before approaching Hau Thao commune. In the commune, there are many different villages for tourists to explore.


What’s good to eat in Hau Thao 

Coming to Hau Thao commune, in addition to discovering beautiful scenery, hunting clouds, walking around the villages, visitors also have the opportunity to learn about the life of the Mong people here. Indigenous people will treat guests with specialties such as upland sticky rice, fried bitter bamboo shoots, grilled black pork, and grilled stream fish (pa pinh top),...

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    Information about accommodation in Hau Thao commune

    Hau Thao is increasingly becoming a beautiful destination on the Sapa tourist map. Therefore, this place has become a favorite destination for many young people. Compared to Sapa, tourism in the commune has not yet developed, but gradually there are a few homestays to stay, so that visitors can rest assured when visiting. 


    Entertainment in Hau Thao commune

    Like many other destinations in Sapa, Hau Thao has beautiful terraced fields. Here, the fields spread along the mountainside, go all the way to the stream bank, and crept next to the forests creating a very impressive scene. The whole picture of the highlands with rolling clouds and mountains, green rice fields, and murmuring streams is extremely beautiful and attractive.

    Coming to Hau Thao commune, visitors can also explore the beautiful Muong Hoa valley. This place has many ancient rocks with various shapes, interspersed between terraced fields and wild and unique plants. Near Muong Hoa valley, there is also a long stream flowing through the communes of Ta Van, Lao Chai, Hau Thao and even Ban Ho.

    One of the factors that make up the attraction of Hau Thao commune in Sapa is the beautiful sea of white clouds that visitors can easily see when coming here to explore. There are many beautiful places for you to watch clouds, but Hang Da village in Hau Chu Ngai village is the most beautiful coordinates. The white clouds here are thick, porous and extremely numerous, as beautiful as the sea of clouds in Lao Than, Y Ty,...