Introduction to Hang Da commune 

HSapa is famous for many villages with majestic natural landscapes and friendly people such as Ta Van, Cat Cat, or Ta Phin. But it is a mistake if you come to Sapa without visiting Hang Da village. Hang Da village is located in Muong Hoa commune, Sa Pa town. Nestled in the clouds, still quite wild compared to other villages in Sa Pa, Hang Da village has a clear and peaceful beauty and this place is a famous cloud hunting spot. 

Hang Da commune is located at an altitude of more than 1800m above sea level, hugging the mountainside, hidden in green forests, and far away are high mountains and winding terraced fields with bold Northwest colors. 


Transport to Hang Da commune 

From the center of Sapa town to this cloud village is about 6 km. Although the distance is not too far, the journey to conquer is a bit difficult. No need for a village, the journey to find this village has also taken you through many beautiful roads. Visitors go in the direction of Ta Van village about 3km, continue in the direction of Sapa Jade Hill Resort, and ask for directions to Hau Thao. Once you have reached this commune, you can ask for directions to the village.

Visiting this village, you will have the opportunity to experience the asphalt road running through the village about 7km long. This road is very beautiful with both sides covered with forest trees, and in some seasons, it is also full of beautiful wildflowers. Other sections are towering mountain slopes and stilt houses of indigenous people.


What’s good to eat in Hang Da commune 

Visitors to Hang Da village can enjoy special dishes such as "thang co",  grilled chicken, grilled stream fish, frog cooked with bamboo sprouts, and corn wine,... Corn wine is a specialty that should not be missed in Northwest Vietnam in general, and in Hang Da Village in particular. This wine is made with the local’s own recipe and is delightful to be consumed while sitting together around a fire, enjoying mouth-watering dishes with friends and the friendly locals.

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    Information about accommodation in Hang Da commune 

    During the journey in this village, you will encounter a few small shops, passing the stilt houses of the indigenous people. This place does not have many professional tourism services and also has quite a few homestays. But perhaps because it has not been professionalized, everything still remains natural and original.


    Entertainment in Hang Da commune 

    Hang Da village does not have shopping areas and is not crowded with people. Hang Da village has only beauty and peace. With a view overlooking the beautiful Muong Hoa valley, your every step will surely slow down by being overwhelmed when accidentally looking at the scenery here. Hang Da village is like an unspoiled paradise, gradually being forgotten in Sa Pa, which will bring you many experiences such as watching rice, watching clouds, and immersing in the peaceful life of the local people,...

    The special thing here is that you don't need to climb the mountain, don't need to spend money on the cable car, but still have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the beautiful sea of white clouds in the early morning. If you go at the right time, you will catch a wonderful moment of the sea of clouds. The sea of clouds in Ban Hang Da depends on the weather rather than appearing according to a certain season of the year.

    However, according to the experience of many visitors, if the weather forecast today is rainy, tomorrow is sunny, then surely "tomorrow" will have beautiful clouds. If you want to see the ripe golden rice fields, the end of September is the most suitable time, the beautiful scenery in Hang Da village will definitely make you unable to take your eyes off.

    The big plus point of a tourist destination that is not yet known by many people is the peace and gentleness that it has. In Hang Da village, everything seems to slow down, which helps you feel life to the fullest, your journey will be peaceful but extremely precious.