Introduction to Granja Porcon

Granja Porcon is situated in the Cajamarca region where the locals are friendly and welcoming. If you like to immerse yourself in a proud community village, surrounded by wooded mountains then the Granja Porcon should be added to your itinerary. There is a strong focus on agricultural and collective work which gives visitors the chance to get involved with. Granja Porcon has 1600 inhabitants and a year-round cool climate with a beautifully unspoiled natural landscape. This village is one example of a humble and simple nature, where the local community is full of pride. Villagers live in wooden houses surrounded by nature.

Granja Porcon homes have a living room, kitchen, bedrooms and sanitary facilities as well as offering a separate room for guests. For the locals, the main source of income, besides tourism, is the production of dairy products. This destination is an ideal place to purchase some delicious cheeses for you to eat or take home.


Cultural Information

In Granja Porcon you will find traditional and cultural activities typical of the area, you will be able to see the local agriculture and see how to milk the cows. Witness customs such as Landaruto, which is the first haircut of the boy or girl, where the godparents receive gifts such as food. They may receive guinea pig with potatoes or piglet which are delicious local dishes.  The Mingas is an activity where the locals organize meals together with the objective of working in groups.  Visitors can also appreciate what life is like in Granja Porcon through participation in certain activities like the construction of a house, harvests or even working in the field.

As for the clothing, anyone interested in textiles will be in awe of some of the beautiful traditional outfits. The women’s costumes are very colorful and diverse. They typically include skirts made from sheep´s wool; blouses have a long sleeves and a hat native to the area.  Men wear dress pants, shirts and hats. When it is the winter season they will also wear the poncho to protect them from the cold.


Top Tips for your stay in Granja Porcon

Granja Porcon offers different packages like “Granja Porcon Complete 3 Day/2 Night”: this includes tours to Zoocriaderoon the first day, which is a rescue centre and small zoo. On the second day guests will go with a local tour guide to the archeological complex Kunturwasi, visit the museum, visit craft workshops, visit the dairy plant, and finally observe the mushroom harvesting process. On the last day you will trek to the waterfalls and have the opportunity to buy local products.

If you prefer to do a shorter tour, without exerting yourself too much, you can take a full day exploring in Granja Porcon itself as there is plenty to keep you busy all day. Visitors are encouraged to buy tickets visit the fish farm, or go for a ride on horses.  


Transport to Granja Porcon Community

Located at 30 km from Cajamarca with an elevation of 3152 meters above sea level, visitors can travel to Granja Porcon from 3 directions; from Lima city, Chiclayo city or Trujillo city. Guests can take a bus from San Miguel or San Pablo Combi Station in Cajamarca. By car or taxi from Cajamarca it is about 40km but can take just over an hour to drive to Granja Porcon via the 3N Route. Of course this will be a more expensive option but may be more convenient, depending on the time of day you plan to arrive.

Getting around the area

One of the best ways to explore more of the area is to do some trekking which your homestay will be able to help book for you.


What’s good to eat in Granja Porcon Community?

Coming to Granja Porcon, visitors can enjoy the extremely unique cuisine of the people here. We encourage our guests to taste the local produce, especially the vegetables, fruits, and meat. In Granja Porcon the locals are mainly self-sufficient and they will take advantage of the available seasonal food. In the village, food safety and hygiene are maintained and freshness is a given. You are likely to find some special dishes such as; guinea pig with potatoes, chicharron con mote, caldo verde, mushrooms. Granja Porcon has a diverse range of meals which we are sure you will enjoy. Do keep in mind, though, that this community doesn’t sell alcohol or smoke.

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    La Granja Porcon has 3 lodging establishments: La Casa Histórica with 4 rooms, La Casa Antigua with 3 rooms, and La Casa Forestal with 7 rooms. 

    In addition, it has 2 establishments that provide lodging and F&B service: Posada Granja Porcon with 10 rooms and Cabaña Rustica with 3 rooms.

    It also has 3 establishments that only offer F&B service, which are named: Venid Y Comed, Jesus Pan de Vida and the restaurant Mana Escondido.



    Best things to do in Granja Porcon Community

    The village has beautiful natural scenery which visitors can experience at any time of the year. There is plenty of trekking in the surrounding areas to help you learn about afforestation in the area. This is where the community has made more than 10 thousand hectares of new pine forest. Because you will be off the beaten path in a more remote area, you will be able to see waterfalls and streams as you wander around, taking in all of the amazing views. Granja Porcon does not have busy crowds or mass-tourism whereby tourists are seen vying for the same photograph – here is much more relaxed.

    If you love to walk and are adventurous, there is Trekking to the summit of Zoocriadero where you can observe rescued animals or go fishing.

    When planning your visit, be sure to include enough time to explore activities like “llamado de vacas”, raspberry harvest, plant potatoes and see the handicrafts made by the community women. 

    Experience what it is like to be a local craftsman and women by spending time with the artisans, they will teach you how to make fabric with a blackstrap loom and make your own souvenir to take with you. Why not try the Esquila experience which is the first week of June: here you will observe the annual shearing of the sheep and alpaca. The Chaco Experience falls on 25th & 26th July and is the unique shearing of the vicunas which produce one of the softest wools in the world.