Introduction to Giao Xuan

Being one of five communes in the buffer zone of Xuan Thuy National Park, Giao Xuan has all the characteristics of the region with a long coastal line, mangrove forests, large alluvial ground for aquaculture, a mild climate, hospitable people, and unique culture of the Red River delta. All these characteristics give Giao Xuan striking advantages to become a pilot site for the development of community-based ecotourism.

Cultural information

Visitors can go deep into the rich rural villages to learn the unique and special cultural features of the local community: visit the seafood processing village, attend the bustling countryside market and enjoy the views, You can also admire the religious architecture, visit the traditional houses which have been built with manual labor tools passed through the hands of many generations or immerse in the cultural activities of the village during festivals. Visitors to the village can witness it firsthand. and participate in folk games such as wrestling, swimming, and walking on stilts. Some of these cultural experiences have been around for hundreds of years, from the time the first inhabitants came to this land when fishing was the only way to make a living.



Transport to Giao Xuan

The best way to get to Giao Xuan is by bus from Hanoi, which is about 150km away. There are buses between Hanoi and Giao Xuan every day, and which one to take depends on where in Hanoi you are travelling from and what time you want to leave and arrive.

The easiest and most enjoyable way to get around town is to rent and ride a bicycle. You can also rent a motorbike to drive yourself or you can hire a motorbike driver.


What’s good to eat in Giao Xuan? 

Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the cuisine of a coastal countryside in the Northern Delta, enjoy rustic dishes and local specialties, there are many dishes only available here.

Giao Xuan community ecotourism is also an opportunity for you to enjoy the special dishes of Giao Thuy such as nem chao, Giao Thuy nem mam, Sa Chau fish sauce, jellyfish salad, mangrove honey, fresh seafood such as clams, oysters, shrimps and crabs.

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    Best things to do in Giao Xuan 

    The first image that visitors encounter in Giao Xuan is an endless green stretching of rice fields, the image of a rich coastal village.

    Visitors will be invited to drink a bowl of green tea rich in hometown flavor and eat a piece of betel nut with phoenix wings in a sweet and loving folk song.

    The most impressive thing for visitors is probably joining the bird-watching tour of Xuan Thuy National Park at Xuan Chau bird park. During the migratory season of birds, thousands of species gather here to make nests, find prey and rest after the winter journey of thousands of kilometers from the North to the South to avoid the cold. Visitors will be introduced to the diversity and richness of the mangrove ecosystem and witness the fishing activities by means of traditional craft fishing of local people.

    Visitors go deep into the rich villages to learn the unique and special cultural features of the local community: visit the seafood processing village, and attend the bustling countryside market, ...

    In the evening, visitors can enjoy the smooth folk songs of the Northern Delta and dance together in the flickering light of the campfire night.