Introduction to the Floating Islands of the Uros

This is a community living on the floating islands of the Uros which are built entirely from totora reeds, an aquatic plant found to grow in the highest navigable lake in the world, Lake Titicaca.  In these islands are the Uros people, considered one of the ancient cultures of the continent dating back to pre-Inca times. The local people’s lives and livelihoods are based on fishing, hunting, making handicrafts from totora reeds and textile crafts. More recently this has been complemented by tourism to boost the economy, and share the unique experiences which are can be found here.

For any visitor to immerse themselves in to this village and feel like they are part of the community of the Uros there are several different tourist activities to choose from.

The islands are almost like a land from a fairy-tale because they have been made completely from the totora reeds, on which the homes sit and are, impressively, built to host locals and visitors on the same island. 


Cultural information

The culture here is unique due to the preservation of the ancestral customs such as the typical clothing being worn and the ways of life associated with living on floating islands. Previously, in Uros, the locals spoke with the Uro dialect, however due to the extinction of the dialect, they now speak the Aymara dialect as part of their native language. 

The Uros people are descendants of the Uro culture, ancestors of the Inca culture, having had a lot of research about this particular culture in this pleasant community  .

The population lives on the floating islands of the Uros made of totora reeds, which characterizes them and makes it unique in the world. They are descendants of the Uro culture, which dates back to pre-Inca times. 


Top tips for your stay in the Floating Islands of the Uros

Usually, our visitors will use a reputable travel and tourism agency or have booked directly with a contact from the local community entrepreneurs. Suggested tours to experience in the village may include cultural exchanges, observations of the flora and fauna of the Lake Titicaca and surrounding area, kayaking, rides on boards or canoes, Totora boats, motor boats, and even a spot of stargazing at night.

It is important to pack some sunscreen, waterproof clothing, insect repellent, umbrellas and sunshades as you venture off to explore the amazing Floating Islands of Uros and Lake Titicaca.

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Transport to the Floating Islands of the Uros

The Floating Islands of Uros are located north of the Bay of Puno, 6 kilometers from the Lake Port, sitting at an altitude of 3,812 meters above sea level. The community can be reached from the Puno Support Center, via lake by boat or motor boat in about 20 to 25 minutes.

Getting around the area

The floating island is itself one of the tourist attractions of the community and exploring the surroundings is done by totora reed rafts or motor boats, as well as in kayaks, boards, canoes, which are implemented by the community.


What’s good to eat in Uros?

There are special dishes that visitors should try when they visit Uros, the cooking classes are particularly helpful as an introduction to the local cuisine, as well as the origin and the history of the dishes. There are several fish-based dishes, innovated and presented in different recipes and presentations for domestic and foreign visitors. The typical fish dish is the Thimpo de Carachi; originated from when the Uro people settled in the waters of Lake Titicaca. They became dedicated to fishing for the native fish such as mauri and carachi, the history of this dish dates back to pre-Inca times. Chicharrón de Pana is also one of their famous duck dishes which we recommend to our meat eating guests. Meals can be adapted according to our your requirements or allergies requirements.

There are no restrictions with respect to beverages like alcohol, however the visitors we receive are responsible and are given recommendations. In the floating islands of the Uros the visitor eats with the host family, observing the beautiful scenery of Titicaca.

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    Floating islands has 20 lodges, where an average of 140 guests can be accommodated, with double, matrimonial and single rooms available, all with private bathrooms, hot water, heating and comfort for visitors. 

    Food service is offered in 19 establishments, where each island has the capacity to serve an average of 8 to 10 diners, and the entire community having the capacity to serve an average of 200 diners.


    Best things to do in the Floating Islands of the Uros

    The high season for tourism is during July, August and September, although visitors are made welcome all year round. The cattails remain green and cozy all the time. The different activities that are available to tourists, like spending the night on the Uros' floating islands, participating in cultural activities or cultural exchanges, artisanal fishing, and even reed extraction for the maintenance of the floating islands are unique to this area. For the more active of our guests there are some more adventurous activities, which include kayak or canoe rides.

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