Introduction to Den Sang commune 

Den Sang commune is located in Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province. This is a beautiful and peaceful destination with ripe golden terraces and beautiful sunny yellow roads. Den Sang is a tourist destination in Bat Xat suitable for tourists who like to experience and explore the beauty of nature in Lao Cai. 

The first time you come to Den Sang commune, you will feel the typical scenery of the Northwest region. The picture of majestic mountains, high and wide open in front of you. On the roads into the commune, visitors will encounter many terraced fields running along the roads, winding at the foot of the hill, intertwined with the forest, and nestled under the tall mountains. You can easily see in the distance that the white clouds are floating which adorning the scene of Den Sang becomes more poetic. The tiny wooden house is rustic, simple, surrounded by fields that are sometimes green, sometimes bright yellow,... not only beautiful but also very peaceful.

Visitors can visit Den Sang at any time of the year. However, in order to have a smooth exploration of this highland land, you should pay attention to some of the time periods below.

- The period from September to April next year is favored by young people as the name of the cloud hunting season. At this time the weather in Den Sang is quite cold and clouds appear a lot so it is easier for visitors to get some gorgeous pictures with floating clouds here.

- In addition, visitors can also come to Den Sang from March to April to see colorful azaleas blooming.

- The time from May to June will be the season of pouring water, so tourists can see the picturesque fields in this highland.

- If you want to explore the beautiful scenery and national identity, you should choose the time to visit Den Sang From July to September.


Transport to Den Sang commune 

To reach Den Sang, visitors follow the Northwest direction on DT158 road to come to this beautiful land. The road is only about 5 km, but it takes visitors through beautiful roads, with mountains, terraces, and fog covering the way instead of inviting visitors to visit Lao Cai.


What’s good to eat in Den Sang commune 

Like many other lands, when visiting Den Sang, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy many unique specialties that cannot be found everywhere.

- During the rainy season around April - May, shiitake mushrooms will appear in the forest, and local people will pick mushrooms to sell in restaurants or dry them for tourists to easily bring back as gifts when traveling to Den Sang. With a delicious mushroom flavor, unique characteristics will surely make you unforgettable the first time you enjoy it.

- Referring to the delicious dishes at Den Sang, Ha Nhi beer is a specialty drink not to be missed, different from the taste of all other beers. This beer is produced by the Ha Nhi people according to the traditional recipe with a combination of fresh forest fruits. After a period of incubation, you can drink it directly and do not need to worry about headaches.

- In Den Sang, the traditional Thang Co dish made from the human flesh of the Mong people is very popular. With the combination of meat and offal and the right spices, this dish is also highly appreciated by many visitors.

- Brassica oleracea is a fairly common vegetable in the Northwest with its dark green color, which is easy to eat. This vegetable is usually prepared by stir-frying, boiling, or eating with hot pot dishes. These dishes are both delicious, nutritious, and healthy.

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    Entertainment in Den Sang commune 

    Today, Den Sang has become a cultural village in the Bat Xat district thanks to the charming scenery, thanks to the civilized river lines built and preserved by the indigenous people. So when you come here to travel, in addition to sightseeing, you can also spend time going deep into the villages to learn about the life and culture of the indigenous people.

    Especially when coming to Den Sang commune, you can also spend time exploring the Muong Hum stream with the water flowing through the rocks right at the foot of the hill. Listening to the murmuring water, and watching the beautiful scenery and peaceful sky is really a chill experience that visitors cannot ignore.

    Coming here, you will surely get beautiful photos with terraced fields, go through beautiful roads, meet local residents, and above all find balance and peace in your life. The beautiful scenery, people, and most rustic things of Bat Xat Lao Cai are ready to welcome all visitors.

    According to the Northwest travel experience of many young people, the autumn of ripe rice is the best time for you to come here to travel and hunt for yourself beautiful photos for a lifetime. In addition, the pouring water season from May to June is also very beautiful for you to come here to watch the farmers' watering and farming activities.