Introduction to De Xu Phinh Village 

De Xu Phinh village is located in a famous terrace rice field of Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai Province. It’s among the 3 villages with the most beautiful terraced areas in Mu Cang Chai. Covered in an area of 44.32 kilometers² with a population of about 1600 people, the rice terrace areas in De Xu Phinh village have been recognized as National landscapes. As far as the eye can see, De Xu Phinh's terraced fields follow each other from the stream bank, climb the hill, follow the mountain, and the fields disappear into the clouds. The closer to the district center, the more fields there are with all kinds of fancy shapes, there are fields like crescents, there are fields that are round like a golden tray, there are plots that flow around the mountainside, but there are also places that look like wings and sea waves when the rice paddies sway in the wind.

Getting around the terraced fields on foot is the best way to feel the fresh air, you will smell the aroma of ripe rice spreading flagrantly as you move around the village. Every ten steps you will see thatched roofs which have been temporarily erected so that farmers have a place to stop and rest after hours of hard work. Such an idyllic beauty, the natural picture of Yen Bai countryside has a unique charm which really appeals to people. 


To explore the terraced fields of De Xu Phinh commune, you can choose to come here by motorbike, car, or motorbike taxi. Which, motorbikes are the most popular means of transport because they are not only convenient when traveling but also bring many new experiences. Not only is the road to Lim Mong village difficult and full of challenges, but conquering the road to De Xu Phinh Village is one of the things that not everyone can do. With rugged, rocky roads, and many winding steep passes, the way here challenges those who are intending to discover the beauty of the terraced fields of De Xu Phinh commune.

For those who are adventurous and want to experience new and interesting things, moving here by motorbike is an ideal choice. However, if you are not familiar with the road and are not confident in your ability to drive, do not hesitate to go with a steady driver you trust.




What’s good to eat in De Xu Phinh Village

This highland commune has many specialties, of which rice wine is one of the most famous. It has a delicious taste and is cooked from rice and yeast leaves in a very elaborate process that creates a specialty wine only in the land of De Xu Phinh. In addition, visitors coming here can also enjoy the thick cake of the H'mong people. This is a cake made from glutinous rice and all kinds of forest trees with a unique scent that can't be found anywhere else. In addition, you can also eat many dishes such as "men men", five-color sticky rice, "pa pinh top", and the very tasty hill chicken,...

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    Entertainment in De Xu Phinh Village

    There is a terrace rice field festival held in Mu Cang Chai yearly. It’s a great way to promote the image of this area to visitors. Like other fields in Yen Bai, the terraced fields in De Xu Phinh commune are most beautiful when the water is pouring or the rice is ripe. Depending on your free time and interests, you can consider exploring this place at one of these two times. 

    Specifically, the water season in Yen Bai will be around May and June. Meanwhile, the golden season will come to all the fields between September and October. In the pouring season, the weather rains a lot, causing the fields to overflow with water. Looking from above, you will see the poetic, charming rice fields. But when the golden season knocks on the door, the terraced fields of De Xu Phinh commune proudly put on a brilliant yellow shirt that makes everyone fall in love with this beauty.

    One of the best things that you should not miss when coming here is standing from the terraced fields of Ze Xu Phinh commune to admire the beautiful sunrise and sunset. There is nothing more wonderful than seeing the moment of transfer of heaven and earth amidst the majestic beauty of the Northwest mountains.

    Usually, people here wake up very early to go to work in the fields. Therefore, besides watching the sunrise in the distance, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the joyful and bustling atmosphere when people start going to the fields.

    Exciting experiences behind the wheel: 

    The road to the rice terraces of De Xu Phinhcommune is extremely rugged and full of stones, promising to bring a sense of thrill and adventure to any motorbike rider. Every step of the way, new challenges appear that make even those who have experienced it a few times, nervous. It's tough but equally satisfying for a competent rider. The roads along the terraces can really test your driving skills and patience but if you want to experience the arduous and difficult terrain, this may be the place for you. 

    Immerse yourself in the life and cultural identity of the people here:

    One of the other interesting experiences that many people love when they come to explore the terraced fields of De Xu Phinh Village is working with the local people in the fields. Wearing the traditional costume of the H'Mong, waking up early, and going to the fields to harvest rice will definitely be an unforgettable highlight in Yen Bai. You will learn about how to plant and care for rice and how to harvest it properly. In addition, the local farmers will instruct you how to use traditional tools to carry out the different stages such as threshing rice. All new knowledge about farming and plowing rice on terraced fields will be revealed in this interesting experience.